How to keep your wines safe at home without anything extra? Well, hiring a professional wine cellar company can help you build a custom cellar at your place. Having the right wine-storing condition, cellars are great for wines. But for that, you should choose the right wine bottles for building the collection. You may have already found some good names of wine brands. Or you already may have your favourite ones in your wine fridge. But did you know that there’re tonnes of fake wines in the market? According to a 2017 report, experts suggest 20% of all wines in the world are fake. But spotting the fake wine isn’t that easy. You need to consider lots of things. And we’ll talk about that in the below article.

6 expert tricks to spot fake wines at the market

Wines are one of the most luxurious and preferable welcome drinks for almost all occasions. But no matter what, you should ensure that you’re investing in the right wines. Apart from lower-quality wines, there’re fake wines. And if you’re buying wines from Super Mart, you should know the right way to spot fake wines. And here’re some tricks about that,

1. Don’t believe in unicorn wines.

Do you believe unicorns are real? If not, then how come you’re believing the “not existing” wines? For example, you may find a wine from older years, like Cheval Blanc's 1945 five-lit bottle. Well, it may feel so good to have such historic beauty in your place, but let us tell you that the size wasn’t introduced until 1978. Hence, you should always authenticate the originality of the wine.

2. Read the small to smallest print on the wine label.

Do you check the labels of your wine bottles every time? There’re some smallest items you’ll need to inspect every time you buy wine bottles. Some of the low-quality wine dealers often miss adding a serial number to the label. Most wine companies use plate plates. Thus, looking closely at the wine labels is a must.

3. Check for signs of aging.

Do you want to know if your chosen wine bottles are already aged or not? Well, fake wine creators make a special way to have that shiny new label. But if you look closely, you can see stains from a lot of things like tobacco, dirt, etc. on it.

4. Consider checking the loose foil caps of the wines.

Wine bottles come with a loose foil cap that covers the cork and the top of the wine bottle. Even though the loose cap alone can’t prove if the wine is fake. But if you notice any wrinkles or signs of easily spun, that means that the cap was removed previously and then put back on the bottle.

5. Check the cork of the wine bottles.

One of the most important signs of a fake wine bottle is its cork. It shows the tell-tale signs that the wine is fake. Wondering how? Well, if you notice a deep, dark stain on wine corks. It happens if the wine has been laid for years. Also, check if there’re any inconsistencies and discrepancies in the wine cork. 

6. Consider the sediment level of the wines.

If you’re buying a luxurious red wine bottle and found sediments in it, then it’s old. But if you don’t find any sediment in it, it means that the content of the wine bottles has been changed. You should also check if the sediment is moving with the wine or not. If not, then the wine sediment has already been baked.

Bottom Line,

Are you planning to build an in-house wine collection at your place? Instead of DIYing your cellar-building process, hire a professional wine cellar company. With the right knowledge of the latest cellaring trends, they can help you find the right cellar designs for your in-house collection.

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