What to do right now? The world has changed a lot in recent times, even though it is a temporary problem. An
outbreak of the coronavirus has influenced the lives of millions of people. We have to stay at home as much as possible to avoid spreading the virus and its consequences. Of course, it is essential to help to reduce the damage to the new disease.

This situation makes lots of people to get bored or even depressed. To get rid of such bad and stressful feelings you definitely must find what to do (if you haven't found it yet). Even if you have already decided, it would be a quite good idea to read the article in order to find some additional variants for the future. Generally, it is the best time to take up something new because you have a lot of time and possibilities. On the Internet, there is loads of information on any topic of every sphere.

· Speaking about education, you can start learning a new subject which you're interested in. Maybe, you have to get some specific knowledge for your profession in the adjacent field and it was not enough time before? If not now, then when? Do your best-toget benefit from the quarantine time.

· Learning a foreign language is another way to spend time effectively. With the help of the Internet and some services for communication, you can not only study but also practice it almost any time. There are many people around the world who are learning your native language and they will help you for helping them.

· Well, studying is important but having breaks is important to relax and get away for a moment. During this time you can play computer games which became very popular and now they’re played by millions of people every day. There are so many genres today that you will definitely find your favorite one. Of course, it can be hard because of the wide collection but it’s also an advantage.

· Whynot make some money while playing? The gambling sphere opens its doors to all visitors. During quarantine, it is a popular way to spend a little time. If you don't have a computer at home there are mobile bingo sites where you can still get all the same prizes with comfort. Are you a fan of casinos and roulette or do you prefer some slots and bingo rooms?

· Taking up sports. While the quarantine period expects to stay at home, there is no way to do sports in the gym outside. But you shouldn't forget to do at least a few exercises during a day to help your organism to stay fit and healthy.

· Do you like parties or sitting with friends? Why not try a new format – online meetings. There are many applications that allow everyone to see their friends at any moment. Of course, they are not as funny and sudden as real ones but they are still useful when you want to talk to your friends or do some cool things.

The only thing is must do is not to get depressed and sad. It is just another period, a troublesome period, but it is temporary and everything will be fine. So why not to spend time effectively and get some new knowledge and skills, practice for future education or work or just relax.

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