Bali is an island of Indonesia. It is one of the best and ideal destinations for travelers and tourists. Most of the tourists visit this island at least once in their life however the best time to spend there is a weekend. You have to spend there the combination of three days. You have to land at Ngurah Rai Airport. You have to confirm the Airline Ticket Price for landing at the airport. You have to plan for the southern coast where there exist a number of beaches. You will have access to most of the beaches which exist there and shopping.  There are also options for dining and nightlife there also.

There are also other gorgeous sites located in Bali in addition to the beaches. Ubud is one of the pivotal areas of Bali where you would like to go.  There are ancient temples located and palaces which are situated at notable locations.  There are also located art galleries. These are located along the rice terraces and valleys.  If you have come to this side of Bali then you can also bargain at the shops for buying items.  There are lots of hotels which you can book for spending on vacations.  You can also contact Faremakers, Pakistan First Online Travel Company for the booking of the international hotels.  Faremakers is available 24/7 for your services. You can book any hotel at any time.

Best Season to Visit Bali

When you come to Bali, then there are two seasons. First one is the famous wet season and the second one is the dry season. The wet season brings a lot of rains and mainly remains for November to March. There is one shower or the two showers during the day in the wet season however in the dry season, the rains fall at the minimum level and most of the days are dry in the weeks.  There are two kinds of temperature in a year which can be recorded as the minimum and the maximum. Low temperature can be 23 C and the highest temperature can be 34 C.

You must avoid visiting Bali in the most visited season which is from July to August. There is the best time in which you can visit Bali and your time period is not wasted. You can visit Bali in an excellent time period of April-June and September-October. This is one of the time periods in Bali which we have considered great as spending time in Bali.

Budget Weekend or Costly Weekend

Bali can be visited on a budgeted destination.  It depends upon whether you want to visit Bali in the budgeted situation or you want to have a luxurious trip. Most of the people who want to visit Bali in a budget, they often find Bali to be visited in the budgeted from. It is the more easy form to spend time in Bali in a budget form for transportation, food, and accommodation.

You have the option of living in the $25 budget then there is no problem but most of the people often people spend the time in 35-45$ a day in the room which they like to book. They spent the time in the rooms of the hostels which could be 100,000 or 150,000, a night). Local food is about some (15, 000-50,000). You will also need the budget apps for getting accurate kind of transportation.

If you want to live in an easy way like a guest house then you need to spend $60-100 per day. Accommodation will very costlier like 300, 000-600,000 per night.  On this budget, you can eat all of the best foods which are available from 100, 000-350,000. Private taxis or drivers can be hired by you for going to different regions of Bali. If you can afford then you can also book one of the most expensive hotels in Bali.

There is another popular airport by the name of Denpasar International Airport. It is situated in Denpasar.  You can also take the boat from Java and many of the popular international travelers use the option of a boat. Most of the famous tourists also like to come to Bali by bus. They take the bus from the capital of Indonesia which is Jakarta and it takes 23 hours to reach the city.

Best Places to Visit

Bali is a very large island and there are many places to see and view. It is a large island and spreading over 5000 km.:

Ubud is a popular town which is located in the most famous places in Bali. There are many yoga areas and studios. Many of the beautiful islands are located there. Canggu is also another digital western people hub.  This place is easy for doing partying. Like Ubud, there are also chances of doing yoga here. Seminyak is another area which is located next to Canggu, its best areas for doing relaxing and for doing hang out. There are a lot of restaurants, bars and beach clubs for the nightlife of Bali. This is also a famous shopping region and you must have your wallet in hand for the purpose of shopping and enjoying the nightlife. If you want to go to different international destinations then definitely select PIA Airline Ticket and contact Faremakers for having more information about prices of the air tickets.

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