We all know that Python is one of the most popular programming all over the world. These days, it is being used in competitive programming because of its simple syntax and rich libraries. You can almost do anything with Python from data science, machine learning, signal processing to data visualization. But many people claim that python is a bit slow while solving grave problems. Time to execute a program depends on the code that you write. Knowing some tips to optimize the code will help you to speed up the python code. Let’s see the top 10 tips to speed up python code.

Top 10 Tips To Speed Up Python Code –
1. Use Proper Data Structure-
Use of proper data structures has significant effect on runtime. Python includes tuple, list, set and directory as built-in data structures. Most of the people use the list in all cases, but it is not a good choice. Basically use of proper data structures depends on your task. You can use tuple instead of list, because iterating over tuple is easier than iterating over a list.

2. Use Built In Functions And Libraries-
Python includes lots of library functions and modules written by expert developers and have been tested thoroughly. Hence, these functions are efficient and able to speed up the code-no need to write the code if the function is already available in the library. Let us see a simple example-

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