CakePHP is one of the most used website development platform that offers a wide range of features and functions. By using this famous framework developers can leverage the best out of development solutions. Even though the Cake PHP is the best development framework there are some main issues that need to be resolved to speed up the performance of CakePHP websites.In case you have both theoretical and practical knowledge of PHP development then here are some tips you can use to enhance the speed of the website.

Update CakePHP to the latest version
Just like any other development framework the CakePHP also comes with the regular update each version better than the previous one. The new version will free of bug issues and with the latest feature additions. So, if you want to speed up the performance and reduce the loading time of website then make sure that it is running on the new version.

Set the default to the debug mode
You may be aware of the debug mode which is small but plays an important role in website speed. Many developers forget to disable the debug mode. This could result in slowing down CakePHP website speed. In short, if you forget to disable debug mode then, it will increase the loading time of PHP website.

Use Apache instead of Ngnix
The Apache is a process based server while on the other hand, Nginx is one of the most preferable servers for CakePHP websites and projects as it can handle the new request without any additional space requirement. In short, using Apache can help to save a CakePHP website from the heavy traffic. In case if you do not possess any technical skills and could not want to take some risk with website then, you can hire CakePHP development services from Qdexi Technology. They have a team of professionals who know how to handle a website.

The CakePHP routing
CakePHP is surely a speedy framework but there are some certain situations which can slow down the working speed of the website. These situations also include the time when the website needs to create dynamic links for the request. In such a situation rather than providing generated URL’s the router will create the duplicate links again and again. This is automatically will reduce the requests. Therefore, to enhance the performance it is important to regularly speed up the reverse routing system.

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