Almost every non-native English speaker has been through a situation when they found it difficult to speak English with confidence. At times it became a great source of embarrassment and inferiority complex would creep in every time you met someone who would converse in fluent English.

So here's what you must try to learn and improve English communication skills.

1. Read : try to read as many good English books (no Chetan Bhagat) as you can.The more you get used to reading and understanding grammatically correct sentences the easier it will be to construct such sentences on your own. Reading will add to your vocabulary. You can always throw in new words that you learn in your speech and impress the hell out of other person . Works for me!

2. Write : doesn't matter if you are good at writing or not, the purpose is to be able to write in correct English. You could simply write about how your day was in small sentences and that will be enough to get started. Once you start to feel that you are getting better , you can go on writing on complex topics or maybe answer a few questions on Quora.

3. Watch : one of the most important things that helped me improve my spoken English is watching Hollywood movies, sounds strange but yes that is what I chose as my teacher when everyone else refused to be one. I would simply repeat dialogues from movies that I watched.Sure it gave me an accent but it helped !!! I can speak !. You can do the same or watch news channels. You will know how to deliver your speech effectively and how to pronounce words correctly through that.

4. Speak : If you have no one to practice your English with, without feeling embarrassed, you can just talk to yourself. Pick a topic that you like ( I would always talk about how Miley Cyrus can still come back to being sane) and just start talking! If you have followed the above three steps you will be able to point your mistakes out when you speak. You don't have to dedicate a special time of the day for this. You could be taking shower and doing this at the same time.

5. Think: When you speak in English try not to first think in your mother tongue and then translate that sentence in English. It will slow you down plus that is not the correct way to speak. Try to think in English.

6. Pronounce: You can also try to to put a pen or pencil in your mouth when you practice speaking English alone, it will help improve your pronunciations.

7. Last but not the least, DO NOT be ASHAMED of ANYTHING. You will learn, you will be better. you will be what I like to call a" killer and Murder English!" Most of our fear is of fear itself. Be confident. you can do it.

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Sunil Rajpal-