In the era of Internet technologies the e- mail, social media and life chat are all ways to exchange information, but still the telephone is preferred communication tool, especially when we talk about business conversations. The way you answer your phone calls reflects on your company or department and on how your potential clients will make the firs impression on you. That's why it is a top priority to sound professional when hanging up, being nice and helpful. Your voice and behavior can make a difference, so consider these things when hanging up:

- Answer your phone
Try to answer your phone every time when you receive a call and reply before the 4th ring. In a case that you have some work outside the office, which will unable you to answer, have your calls forwarded to your cell phone or consider to hire a secretary, but never leave your potential clients, present customers and business partners to hang on the ringing phone without an answer. However, it is impossible to be on the phone during the whole day, so record a message on your voice mail that gives information about some alternative ways of connection with you and when it would be possible to call back. Return the calls of those who leaves their names and numbers, no matter on the phone or e- mail because this way you will leave the impression of confident and reliable organization.

- Identify yourselves
Use welcoming voice and put a smile on your face. Even though the person cannot see it, you will sound more polite and friendly. Don't answer the phone calls simply with "Hello". Instead, identify the person for whom you are answering and give him or her a title, Mr. or Mrs. After that mention your first name, last name and your working position. Let it sounds like this: "Mr. Miller's office, his secretary Susan Jones on the phone. How can I help you?". Make sure that you voice is calm and positive.

- Speak slowly and clearly
Even in the office is a big mess and everyone wants something from you in the same time, answer the phone speaking slowly and clearly. If you talk quickly and the person on the other side won't understand your words, he will ask to repeat and this will take more time than a calmness composed conversation.

- Remain positive and professional
Use professional language. Say: "Good morning." instead of "Hello.", "Thank you for calling." no "Bye- bye." and something more like "Would you give me a few seconds to check the information?" instead of "I don't know." Always sound positive and polite and leave the caller impressed by your conversation and behavior.

- Present the information
Everyone is calling with a reason, so they will need some information from you. Update the facts and details, and try to answer every question fully and comprehensive. In a case that you are not sure of the correct information, present your excuses and check quickly. Never give wrong or incomplete information.

- Take messages
The person from whom you are answering does not always have time to receive all the calls, especially in case that you can present the caller the needed information and support. Ask for a list with important customers or partners and a black- list with names of people that your superior is not available for. With this information you will be able to react properly after having the name of the caller. If your manager is not able to answer a call at the time, serve your apology to the caller and offer him or her to leave a message. A complete message includes the following information: full name of the caller and the company, date and time of the call, any other information that the caller gave you and your answers to the questions he or she asked. Repeat the message before hanging on to be sure that everything is correct and clear. When giving your supervisor the left messages, organize the most important ones on the top of the list.

Proceed the phone calls as your face- to- face meetings being polite, smiling and friendly, answering professionally and courteously. This way you will leave good impression and it is more likely the caller to remember the pleasant experience they had, talking with you on the phone. This is a preposition of growing the business attracting new clients and retain repeat ones.

Author's Bio: 

Monica is working at the call center of HouseCleanLondon and talks on the phone with clients, partner and investors every day. She knows how important is her work and try to become better and better in what she do.