One of the most common complaints you'll hear from married people is they feel taken for granted. The majority of the time the person who feels that way is the woman. We all know that women tend to be a bit more sensitive and often have an easier time expressing what they feel vocally. If you happen to be a husband who is on the receiving end of those types of comments coming from your wife, it's difficult. It's understandable that you'd feel attacked, saddened and confused by what your wife wants from you and the future of your relationship. Obviously, she's not happy with the way things are so you need to change them. Learning how to show your wife you appreciate what she does for you is important to both her happiness and the health of your marriage.

We all love hearing compliments. Telling your wife that you appreciate the small and large things she does for you is instrumental towards helping her feel valued as your partner. Even saying something as simple as "thank you" after she's prepared your favorite meal can go a long way towards ensuring she feels you aren't taking her for granted. It's also essential that you make it clear that you feel that you two are equal and balanced partners. Many women who give up their full time careers to tend to the needs of their family feel slighted. They assume that their role is viewed as less important and that's clearly not the case. Telling your wife that you believe that you two make the perfect team is sure to help her see the true value of her contribution to your family.

Small gestures can go a long way towards showing your wife just how much you appreciate her. If your wife has a favorite drink from your local coffee cafe, pick one up for her early one morning and surprise her in bed. Flowers are a beautiful offering as well but make it extra special by choosing some exotic flowers or leaving them on her car seat for her to find as she leaves for work. A short hand written note expressing your deep love for her will be something she'll treasure always. These may seem like inconsequential gestures but they will make your wife feel special and loved.

Helping your wife in any way possible is one of the simplest and most meaningful ways to show her that you realize how special she is. For instance, if she's taken on the monumental role of planning and preparing the family's meals, take over that job a few nights a week. If she is the one who tends to the laundry, get in there and do a few loads yourself. Helping her with the small chores around the home will not only help her feel that you want to equally contribute it will also give her more time for herself.

Ask your wife on a regular basis if there's anything you can do for her and then be willing to do it. Even if it's something as trivial as taking the trash to the curb or mowing the lawn, do it with a smile on your face. By being a helpful and supportive partner you'll be showing her that you appreciate and cherish her and will do anything possible to make her life more fulfilling.

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