The golfers often begin to practice the game in a flat area, it will be much easier than the real game on the golf course because there are most golf courses are unlikely to be very fair landform among the holes. A master golfer could manufacture shots and get the golf ball onto the green from any lies. A consistent swing shape could definitely improve your technique in controlling those difficult lies. This article serves as a golf training aid to improve your skills in dealing with different lies and troubles.

A downhill slope would de-loft the clubface and a club with more loft could put more height and carry on the golf ball. Your weight should be set to the left foot and to stay balance when you make the turn. You should address the ball so it is closer to your back foot. On the downswing, you should keep a solid base on the left leg and fold the right leg. The club head should follow the slope of the hill and let the right leg go walks with the golf ball. The upward slope just likes a wall, which block the fly of the ball. Therefore, it should be necessary to add lofts to the club which means the ball will fly higher and result a loss of distance. You should address the ball with your body at the same angle as the slope and put more weight on the right foot and align your shoulders to the slope. Lean into the hill on the downswing and keep the club and the body moving up the slope and sweep the ball up the hill.

Remember it is the rule which prohibit touching the sand with your club. Check your escape route from the bunker to the flag. Wiggle your shoes into the sand to get a firm foot holding. The set-up would be similar to a pitch shot that your downswing should follow your left shoulder line. In addition, you should also estimate the resistant from the sand. Practicing repeatedly to judge how hard or how long your backswing to produce your desire shot. In case you are not lucky enough to get a good lie on the sand, the followings are the tips of getting out of different troubles,

The major objective of your shot is to get out from the bunker and you could not expect a very good accuracy of your shot when the ball under the lip. Hit the ball hard up and under to get the ball fly out from the lip. The golf is buried into the sand and only the top of the ball could be seen when the ball in buried lie. A standard bunker shot could not be worked in this case. The shot should be played further back in your stance. The club should be lifted up steeply and chop the leading edge into the sand. Similarly, this setting could be applied to the 'poached egg' lie.

The rough can be divided into the light rough and the heavy rough. It's similar to t the sand trap, your major objective is to get out from the rough in the shortest route. The light rough is frequently found in the golf course, and therefore you may find many instances that you are in it. However, the shot in the light rough is usually unpredictable. It is suggested to have more frequent practice in the light rough to get a better control on this shot. The shot should be played further back in your stance. A club with more loft should be used to get a hook with more roll. Remember heavy rough is the rule which prohibit to lay the grass back with your foot. You could not expect to get the distance in the deep rough, but just try to get the ball out. The shot should be played well back in your stance. You should try to pick the club head up steeply and hit down as vertical as possible at the back of the ball to pop out the ball.

You can will know how to shot a beautiful ball with the tips of how to deal with the different lies in different area on the golf course. You also can improve your golf skills with the helpful tips, what you need to do is just practicing more.

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