Tesco offers online shopping. It has thousands of products that you can easily buy from the comfort of your home. From clothing to mobile phones, it also sells groceries and other items. The quality of every things is amazing. In groceries section, it has many categories.

These are:

Fresh food


Food cupboard

Frozen food




Home & Ents

These are further categorized. The Fresh food section has a list of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh salad and dips, chilled fruit juice and smoothies, milk, butter and eggs, cheese, yogurt, chilled desserts, fresh meat and poultry, chilled fish and seafood, cooked meats, sandwich fillers and deli, pies, quiches, party food, fresh pizza, pasta and garlic bread, ready meats, counters, soup, lunch and light meals, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free, world foods and easy entertaining. All of these have sections. You can go to your desired one and see the huge range of products.

In bakery
The bakery section of Tesco online groceries has many items listed. Bread & rolls, wraps, pittas, naan & thins, crumpets, muffins & pancakes, croissants, brioche & pastries, teacakes, fruit loaves & scones, doughnuts, cookies & muffins, cakes, cake bars, slices & pies, bakery free from and From our Bakery.

How to buy
Buying groceries from Tesco is really simple. It’s just like as you normally do online shopping. Go to their website, open groceries. Then go through all the categories. Choose the one that you are interested in. There will be subcategories. Each of these has sections. Move to the section you want to buy grocery from. Then click on that. For example, you want to buy cookies. On groceries page, click on Bakery. A list will show instantly. There is Doughnuts, Cookies & muffins category. Click on it. Another list will display with four options. At the last, there’s cookies. Open that. You will be redirected to a page. There will be the links to all the cookies with images and price.

If you want to buy Tesco Double Chocolate Cookies 5 Pack, click on the Add button at the bottom of Tesco website. It will be added to your shopping basket displayed at the right hand side of the page. Click on the Checkout button at the bottom of shopping basket. It will redirect you to a page. There is Confirm Address. It has a form where these five things are mentioned. Address book, Address, your contact details, your contact number and property type. You have to fill in all details correctly. Then you can choose a suitable time for delivery. Because, sometimes you may not be home. There’s nobody to receive the cookies. So, you have to make sure that you get this when you are home. So, choose a time and date from the calendar. It should be convenient for you.

When you go down, there is Leave Instructions. You can type in any information you want to five to the delivery man. Adding information about how to find your address with complete directions is essential. Use simple words that are easily understandable. It will give you many benefits. There is Packing instructions. Right below is the Checkout button. Click on that. Then scroll down and click on the button Press payment. There’s payment details such as name on card, card number, expiry date, security code, card holder’s address, address nickname, address, contact details.

There’s a blue button at the bottom that says Confirm order. Then you will come to another page. There you can logout. It will bring you to Tesco home page after logging out.

So, that’s all the procedure.

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