I often get clients who are asking for my assistance in setting their coaching programs apart from the rest. These people understand that it’s crucial that they make their programs stand out from the crowd otherwise, they will not make decent sales. Do you want to know my answer to this particular question? It’s unique selling preposition. If you know how to effectively convey your unique selling preposition through your marketing and business performance, you can expect success in no time at all.

Based on research, a lot of businesses are considered successful simply because they adopt the strengths of their competitors and they improve all the features of their products and services so they’ll easily stand out from the crowd.
As an entrepreneur, you need to communicate the unique selling preposition of your high ticket coaching programs. You will need to highlight this before, during, and after your contact. This will help you set your business apart from generic competitor. Without this preposition, you are in all honesty sending a strong signal to your prospects that you’re just another “me too” unappealing business that has nothing different or new to offer to your potential clients.

How to determine and communicate your unique selling preposition? Well, let me tell you first that creating prepositions is not really a walk in the park. Even multi-million companies take at least a couple of weeks to construct these. Keep in mind that your goal here is create one that will communicate the unique benefits that your prospects can ultimately expect from your coaching programs. Why would your prospects patronize your programs? Is it just because you were on the right place at the right time? Do you offer convenience? Do you offer the highest quality programs? Do you have the most affordable price?

Buyers these days are very, very smart. They wouldn’t patronize high ticket coaching programs simply because they exist in the online arena. These people do their research before they make a purchase. If their research suggests that your programs have no unique benefits to offer or no specific guarantee or no special service, there is no way that they’ll do business with you.

In order to create a compelling unique selling preposition, I recommend that you focus on one niche. Identify the gap or the need that is most sorely lacking in your chosen field. Then, figure out how you can communicate to your prospects that you have what it takes to address these needs while targeting their emotional hot buttons. Ensure that you don’t promise what you cannot deliver as this will surely ruin your business overnight. Let me give you an example. If you’re selling high ticket coaching programs to those people who want to learn the ropes of Forex trading, understand the real reason why these people would want to spend thousands of dollars on your offerings. Supposed your research suggests that your prospects are hoping that this will get them closer to their financial freedom. Your unique selling preposition should be “A high ticket coaching program that will make you an instant millionaire in as little as 6 months” It’s very specific and it’s very enticing (although this one might be a little too ambitious) but this will surely give you an idea.

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