With the continuous improvement of our living standards, we have gradually entered the information age, and the network has become an indispensable tool for us to learn and work, as well as leisure and entertainment. Then, with the continuous discovery of network technology, evolved extenders - A network connector that can send signals to the spots which are not included in your router’s signal range.

Though Belkin wireless extender, as an extender are more convenient and fast to transfer wireless signals, but still most of us are unfamiliar with how is it set? What is it like? Here, in this post we will introduce the Belkin extender setup and how to deal with various setup errors.

Setup steps for Belkin extender

Plug the wired broadband cable into the wireless extender WAN port, and then connect directly to your laptop (or desktop) from the LAN port with a network cable. Then open the browser, the input is generally or www.belkin.range, (see your manual) enter the management account and password, usually admin, enter the setup wizard.
Make a choice according to your broadband source. If it is ADSL, you need to fill in the username and password. If it is a broadband with a fixed IP address or a fixed IP address, you must fill in the necessary information and fill it all the way. It is very simple.

Understand the data and wireless network security, you can go to the special wireless column to start the key, generally choose WEP mode, fill in the key you want to set up, pay attention to the number of key bits, see your page prompt.

Then select the “restart option”, not manually power off, then ok, find the extended signal, enters your default password and you are done.

How to solve the problem of Belkin wireless routing
First, check the line, topology connection and panel lights

First use a computer to dial up to the Internet. If you do, you can troubleshoot the line. Then only one computer is connected to the wireless extender, the extender is connected to the MODEM, check the wireless extender power interface, WAN port and LAN port connection and the corresponding panel lights for belkin.range. When the physical connection is normal, the panel power light, Internet light and used The LAN port light is on, and the power light is steady on, and the wireless signal light is off.

Second, check MODEM

If the wireless extender's WAN WAN light is off, check if the MODEM is enabled and the connection between the extender and the MODEM is correct. In addition, the status of the wireless light before the completion of the wireless extender configuration is also 'not lit', so some users think that the device is turned off when it is turned on. Actually, it is not necessary. The wireless light will be on after the device has been configured.

Third, the user's computer's IP address settings

Generally, the extender needs to be managed by wire. If the computer has multiple network cards installed and has multiple connections, in addition to the management connection, temporarily disable other connections till the time you execute the belkin wireless range extender setup.

Then set your computer to automatically get IP, DNS. If you can't get the IP address, check if the network card is correct. You can use another network cable or try another computer to retry. You can also restore the wireless extender to the factory default value. There is a small round hole next to the extender antenna, which is the reset button. Press and hold this button for 15 seconds while power is on, then power off and restart the extender.

Fourth, IE settings and security settings

If you used to use a proxy server network, you need to modify the proxy settings of IE to disable the proxy. If the security setting is too high, you cannot access the network. The security basic setting is medium.

Five, log in to the wireless extender

Under normal circumstances, after following the above steps, you can manage the wireless extender normally. Enter the default management address of the extender,, in the IE address bar, and log in the username and password. The default management address of the wireless extender is, login user name: admin, password: admin or password. This login account is not the dial-up username and password.

Through the above checks, you can solve most of the problems that will occur when you set up your wireless extender.

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