Many of those who have acquired a certain trajectory in the veterinary sector is considering whether to set up a veterinary consultation and, once the decision is made, the process corresponding to its opening must be addressed.

Steps to set up a veterinary consultation

A veterinary consultation requires a series of essential procedures to be able to perform the animal care activity correctly.

Before becoming part of the more than 7,000 veterinary centers, you must gather a series of knowledge that goes beyond those of veterinary care: the entrepreneur who decides on this alternative must know basic notions about business management and administration.

These aspects can be acquired by working as an employee in another clinic for several years, learning on a daily basis about the daily work management, or through a course or master in which knowledge of this level is taught, as it will be essential for the future of business Another option is that a veterinarian, who acts as head of the medical area of ​​the center, is associated with another person who dominates the business aspects.

When passing this first step, we must decide what kind of service will be offered in this clinic; The most basic thing would be a consultation with a commercial area with pet supplies, although the possibilities, outside of what would be a basic veterinary consultation, can be extended through surgery, hospitalization, radiology, hairdressing, emergency services, etc. .

The local, key in the opening of a veterinary consultation

An important element when thinking about all this will be the place where you will place the veterinary consultation service. To do this, you must do a socio-economic study of the area, an analysis of the number of homes and the type of surrounding residents or go to the census of domestic animals.

The dimensions of a veterinary consultation require a minimum of 75 m 2 , to place a waiting room, a consultation room and a space for priests. The commercial room and a toilet could also fit in such a place. It is estimated that the initial investment at this point could be around € 100,000.

The materials and equipment are another important point to mount a veterinary consultation, which will be present in the daily activity of the practitioner.

You will also have to analyze how many employees you will need and what professional profile, taking into account the clientele that will be usual in your center, which you will attract, initially, by word of mouth technique, until you get a portfolio of clients loyal.

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