Be it any model, the flip phone, or the most recent iPhone, eBay is that the most effective place to position up an on-sale ad. So, this can be often another post in an exceedingly series of How to’s which will provide you with pro insights and acquire you going. to induce the hang of it, let's take an in-depth study of everything.

Began by Selling Your Phone on eBay

If you have something to sell, eBay has the correct buyer for you. Some unpopular phones rather like the “blue phone” or “Samsung Rugby” fly off the shelves of some eBay stores. Below I've got mentioned some simple steps which can facilitate the sale of your phone with an honest profit in your and. All you have to do is follow the steps and take pride in it.

Use an Existing Account

To begin with, the basics, there are chances that you’ve bought something on eBay before. What you're unacquainted with are your buyer ratings. Notice how the seller contains a (3) beside their username, and under Seller information. Until you click on the ratings, you won’t learn that the seller might be a first-timer and has purchase ratings only.

Setting and Store Subscriptions

You won’t need an eBay store subscription unless you plan on selling quite 20 items from your account. Also, there is not any need for wandering around with eBay’s perplex settings. Below mentioned are a variety of the things you'd wish to stay in mind to avoid fraud except that you just can keep it as simply the way it's.


There are two fees you’ll pay when selling your phone on eBay for the first time.

  • Final Value Fees
  • PayPal Fees

What Phones are not the best on eBay?

Some obvious styles of phones aren't suitable for purchasable on eBay. they'll end up within the junk drawer supplying you with no profit the smallest amount bit.

  • Broken Phones
  • Phones over 5 Years old
  • iPhones
  • Androids

Common Scams on eBay

The most common scams on eBay when selling your phone include: Parts being stolen and also the client demanding a return. Buyers using stolen credit cards to buy for. The buyer signs in to iCloud then elicit a return.

How to Avoid Scams

This can sometimes be the foremost important concern of the seller so here’s what you'll do to avoid scams on eBay:

Take pictures before shipping.

Include the last 4 digits of the IMEI number within the listing.

Cancel sales from buyers with accounts created within the past 30 days.

Fraudulent eBay accounts have a very predictable nature. They’re always new accounts with little to no feedback ratings. So, to avoid being a victim it is vital to need these measures.

Pricing Your Phone

Overpricing and underpricing your phone can both be a drawback to you. it is usually better to need help from the search filter that eBay provides users with before putting up terms. Here transpire some points when selling your phone on eBay.

Avoid listings with bulk devices.

Listings with the words “grade” or “refurbished” will sell for fewer.

Skip listings, if they're priced significantly below other listings.

Taking Pictures

For your picture to point out accurately show wash your device first. Taking a picture of your phone that's in an inappropriate state will make it difficult to appeal to the purchasers. Try taking pictures on a clean background with an honest distance and not too focused camera setting. this may help your device look good within the eyes of the clients.

Listing Your Phone

You got your pictures, to procure your sale price, now post it! Log in to your eBay and click on on on sell at the best right navigation bar. Search eBay’s catalog for your device and be specific. Include the Memory, Carrier (or Unlocked), color, and model so click on search. to go looking out your device, look for the actual model number. eBay incorporates a collection of fields you have got need to fill. they have been mentioned below.

  • Product Description
  • Format and Duration
  • Buying a Shipping Label
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When selling your phone on eBay. Avoid listings with bulk devices. Listings with the words “grade” or “refurbished” will sell for fewer. Skip listings, if they're priced significantly below other listings.