My recent experiences of vendors selling in the streets of Egypt has inspired me to write today’s article. Because the approach taken by these market traders is very different to the more traditional western business approach. Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with their approach, as I’m aware of the cultural differences between us, but I believe there are lessons to be learned from this different approach – in terms of how to sell more, in what’s attractive from a client or customer viewpoint (what the customer wants from an interaction), as well as in terms of what works effectively and efficiently for your business.

Because sales is a 2 way process – it’s about offering a product or service, about generating interest from potential clients, about overcoming ignorance, doubt or fear on the part of the customer, about them wanting to buy, and then about agreeing payment terms – the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

The traders I met on my holiday were very good at the first part i.e. offering their products, but often not so good at attracting my interest or finding out whether I was actually in the market for their particular product. That led to me feeling like a commodity, meaning I felt like someone to be sold to rather than someone to be interested in or build a relationship with.

I didn’t feel valued or understood. And I was left either ignorant or unconvinced of the benefits of owning a particular product, and often unhappy with the sellers’ attitude and approach particularly with their lack of listening which meant that I actually bought little, and certainly fewer items than I’d intended before my trip. And I know I wasn’t alone in this.

Which begs the question……What is the learning? What learning can we take from this? Because I believe there is learning in all situations and in all circumstances, and that all we need to do to look for it is to ask ourselves the question What can I learn from this?

So, what can you learn from these sellers to make buying from you an attractive proposition? Here are my top 3 tips to selling more by making the process more attractive and enjoyable for both parties.

Tip #1 – Ensure you understand what your client wants.

What you think and what they think might be different, so check it out on a regular basis. Ask questions, compile a survey, listen to your customers and prospects, test what’s most important to them and why, so that you can make your offers and the words and benefits you use more effective and more attractive.

Tip #2 – Make regular and specific offers.

This is an area that’s often overlooked. You might think what you’re offering is very clear but if you’re not making enough sales, if your prospects are interested but not buying, then check whether you’re making specific offers or simply expecting your customers to buy existing or generic products/services. What can you package to create a more compelling offer? How often can you offer something different or special?

Tip #3 – Make it easy to buy from you.

If you’re listening to your clients and making regular attractive offers that compel them to want to buy from you then it makes sense to make the process as easy and pain free as possible. Ensure you have lots of ways of taking payment, including immediate payment. Make it clear exactly what the client needs to do, how and when so that s/he doesn’t get worried or disillusioned at this stage in the process, and you don’t lose the sale.

Following these tips will put you in the best possible position to sell more by attracting clients to you, rather than chasing them for their business.

AND the added benefit is that you develop an effective sales process that works for everyone – for you, your client, and your business.

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