Selecting a sunglass is a simple and easy process, if you don’t care about your looks. If you are a fashion lover, you have to remember plenty of things. If you failed to select sunglasses with appropriate tint, size, and color, it will adversely affect your looks. Different verities of glass pieces are used to create glasses. While selecting wholesale sunglasses, you have to careful about the glass type. Glass, NXT polyurethane, polycarbonate, and acrylic are used to create glasses. You have to learn more about the features and specifications of different glass materials. Different models have different visual quality, scratch resistance, and optical clarity.

If you don’t want to wear heavy glass materials, it will be better to choose polycarbonate and NXT polyurethane.

How To Select A Lens Color

Most people don’t know how to select a wholesale UK sunglass color. Different colors have different visual comfortability and brightness. It will be good, to choose a specific lens color, according to your facial character. Brown, gray, and green are called basic lens colors, because of their popularity. All these colors can cut down the brightness. The reduction of light intensity will help you to see properly. Yellow and gold colors can reduce the brightness, but cannot block as many sun rays as dark colors.

More About Lens Colors

Human eyes can detect more than 6 million color verities. It is possible to get sunglasses in all these colors, if you need them. Wholesale sunglasses are available in unique designs and colors. Pink, rose colors can enhance the visual beauty, by reducing the brightness. These colors can also increase the color contrast in order to give you visual clarity. If you are living in a cold country, you might need one of them. Rose color glass can help you to see more clearly in snowy backgrounds. People widely use them for skiing and skating.

Different Lens Coatings

Luxurious sunglasses will have several layers of coating. More layers can reduce the brightness as well as scratches on glasses. Most of the modern wholesale sunglasses have a special coating to prevent water. These hydrophobic layers will protect the glasses from damaging. You can ensure the durability of your sunglasses, by purchasing scratch proof glasses. Most of the modern sunglasses have a special layer for resisting scratch. Anti fog coating is also available with the purchase of exotic sunglasses.

Polarization Of Sunglasses

Have you ever experienced a foggy on sunglasses, when you are under the hot sun? It happens due to the reflection of sunglasses. It is possible to eliminate the fog effect using polarized wholesale sunglasses. They will allow plane polarized lights to pass through the surface. This will increase the visual clarity. Most companies create a sandwiched layer inside the anti reflection coating. High durability is the most important attraction of polarized sunglasses. You can also protect your eyes from the harmful solar radiations, using polarized glasses. Polarized glasses can reflect the ultraviolet rays and protect your eyes easily.

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