Selecting the best pre-wedding shoot locations

Before you get seized up in the unavoidable chaos that makes up an Indian wedding, a pre-wedding shoot is an excellent time to relax and unroll with your better half. It can also be thought as a warm-up session, ice breaker kinda thing. This is your chance to get comfortable in front of a camera with each other and the photographer. You can freely tell your photographer what you’re comfortable with and not and get to know his style.

If yours is an arranged marriage, then surely a pre-wedding shoot can help you and your spouse to become a little closer. It will help you to know each other in a better way, all the times which you guys will spend together for your pre-wedding shoot, you will get to know each other more and better, which will help you to start a beautiful life ahead. Years later, when you look back all those images of yours, you will miss all those golden moments of your life.

If it is going to be a love story than nothing can be better than a pre-wedding photoshoot which will just enable your photographer to craft an incredible love story most artistically, i.e., in the form of your pictures. A pre-wedding shoot is an excellent time to relax and unwind with your significant other and helps you tell your love story to the world in the most fantastic way.

While planning a shoot, one of the most important things is choosing a location. We are not saying that area is everything or that it trumps the skill and technique of a good photographer, but it does play an essential role in that it provides a beautiful and comfortable environment to play with as a backdrop.

When choosing a location, the first thing to consider is your story (not to be confused with a theme) – think about places that could possibly mean something to both of you or plays an integral part in your story as a couple. The college you first met in your first-holiday destination together, or perhaps where he proposed to you.

If you have a location like that in mind, then it should definitely figure in your plans – it will bring out the relaxed and happy side of you as a couple. But if there aren’t any direct “story” related locations that you can pin-point, worry not. We have a few ideas for you to consider and plan your perfect pre-wedding shoot. We know how daunting it can be to plan everything down to a tee! So, sit back and let us do the work for you!

Nature and Landscapes

We all have been blessed with almost all types of seasons, terrains and unbelievable remarkable landscapes in India. Depending on what your preference is, you can choose from a plethora of beautiful views in India. Just find what weather or terrain works for you - beach or mountains, autumn or snow. Freeze your eternal love in the snow-capped mountains of Leh-Ladakh or let your love simmer in the deserts of hot Rajasthan. Try a laid back feel on the beaches of Goa or the serene waters of Kerala. Make a mini-vacation out of it. Happy and relaxed people make the prettiest photos to see, and we love capturing the joy between them!

Hotels and Resorts

What do you do when you want a location which is stunning at the same point it is giving you the luxury of a super fluffy white bed and a jacuzzi? You find a luxury resort with fantastic architecture + landscaping and trust your photographer to create magic! There are plenty of properties around the country that provide great packages specifically for pre-wedding shoots. Take your husband-to-be and make a weekend out of it!

Your Mood and Style

Mood and style matter a lot before finalizing a location for your pre-wedding photoshoot as when your mood and style will have a perfect blend with the chosen area, the ideal pictures will come. Whether you are bubbly, outgoing girl and your spouse be a shy person, whether you are a couple who love traditional approach or artistry or you are the one who is modern by all means perfect pictures will come keeping this theme in mind.

You may like some classic backdrop, your mood and your style of looking at life also play an essential role in choosing the best location for your love-filled pre-wedding shoot. Your photographer will be able to blend all these essences most beautifully. Make sure that whatever you are thinking in mind your photographer knows it thoroughly so that he can show his creativity in giving the best shots. Think of all these while choosing a location.

Heritage Buildings

Our country is flooded with heritage structures and undoubtedly if you are the one who likes to time travel or is a big sucker for old sites then chooses a heritage site for capturing moments in time as it will be the best idea to go ahead with. Heritage sites always work wyell as your backdrop and give an instant "sense-of-place" to your photographs that they look magnificent automatically.

Our country is full of numerous fantastic locations. These buildings provide a touch of royalty, take you in history, and can give you a solid dose of nostalgia. The city of Taj, Agra is one such example of aesthetic. The city is renowned for its heritage buildings, Tajmahal itself is an icon of love. Why not immortalize love in a place which witnessed a great grand love story in history which is already an epitome of love and people across the world come to have a sight of the site.

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