When it comes to maximising the revenue generated through your product launch event, the first thing you have to work with is how to choose it for your corporate event. A lot of business people get frustrated by not getting the revenue by experimenting with the new things on their product or service launch program. So, get to know how right choice of photo booth in your event can bring a difference in branding.



Cost and Packages: Just like the purchase of supplies for your business, you have to find the cost and suitable package for a photo booth ideal for your business event. Some companies can offer packages that can reach up to $1400 for a single day. 

However, you must look for the company who offer photo booth with an affordable package with the facility of free setup, attendant, custom frame, props, backdrops, instant sharing, printing facilities for the duration of the event. 

Photo Booth Type and Size: Choose the photo booth setup that can fit the theme, venue size and the number of guests. For a corporate event, where a huge amount of guests, employees, stakeholders are expected, an open photo booth is ideal to choose. 

Attendant: In most standard packages from photo booth companies, you can expect attendant. And it will be helpful for you too, as they will look after your guests who will be trying photo booth for the first time. They also refill the paper in the printer and entice guests with some amazing demos of how photo booth works. 

Camera: When it comes to hiring a corporate event photo booth for hire in Melbourne, ensure the picture quality of the photo booth is outstanding. Especially, DSLR cameras are ideal to be there to take quality snaps. 

Prints: It is probably the best part of a photo booth. Setup along with photo booth can produce unlimited prints, from which you can provide your guests favours. So, choose a photo booth company which offers other options like GIFs, Videos, digital copies of all the photos.

Props, backdrops and other features: Props and backdrops are the things that let a photo booth provider stand apart. A good photo booth provider not only brings you cheap photo booth for hire but also come with the features like photo filters, guest book, gree screen, HD video messaging, social media integration and a lot more. 

(Note: Many business owners have reportedly found increased footfall as well as engagement by setting up a photo booth in the right place that can be accessed frequently by the users. 

When it comes to the spot selection, it must be somewhere that your guests can enjoy and do not feel rushed. You also have to keep it in mind that no random passerby can ruin your setup. If you have a waiting room, or you expect a place where the gathering will be more, then it could be the ideal place for a photo booth.)

So, keeping these few things in mind can no doubt best of your photo booth memories while saving up on a corporate budget. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is a photo booth provider in Melbourne and passionately writes blogs and articles to make users aware of photobooth hiring for different events.