Are you looking for stag accommodation in London? Then let me tell you finding the suitable one is going to be a difficult task for you. First of all London is a costly place to stay and if you are looking for a stag accommodation, it means you need every possible facilities because you need to manage things on your own. group accommodation london is a big affair today because finding a suitable one may not be that much easy as it sounds. Before selecting a group accommodation you need to form a group and make sure that you will be able to live with each other.

Tips for finding accommodation for a group:

1. Make your per head budget before searching for an accommodation. The collective price would be your budget and you need not increase it much by instinct because everyone in the group may not be able to pay for it.
2. As it is a stag accommodation you are looking for, the market needs to be really close. You all have your own job and will not get much time to go to market that is located far away.
3. Space is a major concern for group accommodation. You should have enough space to keep everyone’s luggage. For example if you are 6 people then you need an accommodation with 3 rooms at least. At the same time the kitchen needs to be spacious and two bathrooms need to be present in the apartment where you are going to stay. The requirement of spacious kitchen is there because men need to keep their favorite foods stored in the kitchen.
4. When choosing a group apartment make sure you get all facilities and even food stations nearby.
5. Go through terms and conditions of the apartment thoroughly before making a choice or finalizing the deal.

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