The issue of selecting best friends among other friend is not as easy as we may think because friends as we all know are people in whom we share common interest and ideas
How to know a best friend

A best friend as we all know is a person who has the same interest and opinion as you. Again, a best friend is that closest companion whom you can always learn on. Thus, he stands in for you even in your unhappy moods. One who put smile in your face when you ever remember him/her because you are convince he/she is with you. Best Friends propel joy to jump up in our blood even when depression has cast it shadow on us.

In life, getting different characters emerge to form an entity and I question who among them do you call your best friend? How where you able to figure out this individual? What impact are there making in your life, positive or negative?
Advantages and disadvantages associated with best friend selection

There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with friendship. In fact, one’s firmness to one’s position can heavily depends on the type of friends you keep. This is so because the influential power in a best friend can create and can as well destroy one’s integrity and obsession towards success. Remember one bad egg contaminate the few good one’s

Friendship is worth participating but we should know we have the good ones and the bad ones. A best friend is like a mirror through which you see yourself and finds out if his behavior and approach toward things entrusted in our hand are odd or not. Best friends are equally transparent materials through which you can see your tomorrow.

Bad friend avert our attention from the right thing and channel us to destruction and depression. Again whom do you call your best friend? Is it that person that takes you to clubs, tells you only about parties attended and one yet to attend. Tells you about the latest cloths in the market, and how you can acquire it. Encourage you to jump from one man or woman to another. My question is how has your life been improve by him? Is he a best friend or a foe? Find out. Birth of a feather flock together, so john’s best friends may not really be peters

I believe by now and with all this criteria to be look into when choosing a best friend will go a long way for you to determine whether that individual you were calling your best friend is really a best friend or just a foe

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