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Let’s start off with a disclaimer, thrill activities are not for everyone. However, for adventurous individuals, risks and adrenaline are the way to go. There are two types of people; daredevils and the shy type. Now, if you are in the first category, then this article is for you. As for the less adventurous category, you’ll need to beef up your energy before you can engage in any of the activities mentioned below.

What is it that draws people to engage in daredevil activities? This is an age-old question that may be best left to psychologists and behavioral analysts. But one thing to note is that it helps a person overcome their fears as well as the rush that comes from it. Most people want to say that they achieved something out of this life by engaging in the most daring activities. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at various ways on how to seek thrills but still play it safe.

Online Games

In this era, it’s become easier to seek thrills at the comfort of your home. You really don’t have to leave your couch not unless to grab a bugger, which alternatively can be delivered to you. One thing you will want to know is that you’ll get a whole lot of variety when seeking thrills through online games. For instance, if you were to visit Kerching you’d be spoilt for options. You’ll find many thrilling online slot games like Cleopatra, Starburst, Davinci Diamonds, and Rainbow Riches, just to name a few. The other notable aspect is that involving the graphics. They are actually to die for! This is not to forget that the advancement of VR tech has really spiced things up and taken them a notch higher when it comes to video and online gaming. As opposed to manual control consoles, VR gives you a thrilling experience at its best. In summary, online games can provide you with all the thrill you need. You only need to choose an adventurous game and ensure that you pick a site that ensures your privacy is not compromised.

Bungee Jumping

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In case you haven't tried it or heard of it, bungee jumping is simply an activity that involves jumping from great heights, say from a tall tower, chopper, cliff, etc. while doing so, you’re harnessed to an elastic code that protects you from falling. But how safe is it really!

Well, the safety of bungee jumping lies more on what's on the ankle rather than your psychology. Now, despite the possible elements that will usually flood in your mind, for obvious reasons, you’ll be jumping from great heights. This is enough to scare any newbie! But one thing you’ll be sure about is that it’s a safe activity. The best way to ensure your safety is to choose a bungee operator that has invested in up to date gear and equipment that conform to safety standards and guidelines.


Next on the line is paragliding, another great contender on the list of thrill-seeking activities. Paragliding is a thrilling activity in its purest form of flying you can get. Soaring high above hills and escarpments, you’ll achieve the feeling of flying like a bird. It’s closely associated with parachuting but in paragliding or speed flying, you’ll need to launch from a slope or a hill. It so happens that you’ll be required to take some lessons before paragliding. This is to ensure that you’ll be safe in the real mission. Paragliding will definitely offer you a tranquil experience, followed by a kind of adrenaline rush that perhaps you’ve never experienced before. The best thing about paragliding is that you’ll not be alone. There will, of course, be a qualified instructor and capable hands waiting for you when you land.


This is a fun activity that will, of course, test your limits and perseverance. So, if you are faint-hearted, the next point may be for you. Also known as gorge walking, canyoning is a combination of potholing, hiking, and climbing. It involves climbing treacherous and rugged hills and mountains as well as a mix of water sports. This where the fun gets real; water sliding, gliding, and crossing through waterfalls. It sounds fun, right? Well, it is both fun and thrilling, and you can rest assured that it will tickle your adrenaline. To be happy and safe while canyoneering, you’ll need to wear protective gear, ensure that you have quality harnesses where necessary, check the weather, and be sure to pack all the necessary supplies that will guarantee your safety, convenience, and fun experience.

Mountain Biking Downhill

It’s one thing to mountain bike uphill and then it’s another to do it downhill. Downhill stunts are more fun as compared to uphill mountain biking. Downhill biking has become much easier because of technology. Mountain bikes are lighter yet sturdy and in addition to this, there are a variety of mountain bikes designed for exactly this. This ensures your security and at the same time, provides you with maximum thrill.


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If you love water sport activities, then this is for you. The harsh truth, however, is that only a select few rivers are considered safe and worthy of rafting. You’ll definitely need an unsinkable boat and team players for that added oomph while ensuring your safety. If you guys want to take it a notch higher, why not try rafting at night down in the Oisans region. Rafting is obviously fun and adventurous, but what’s in it for you?

Exercise – what’s a better way to exercise than to have fun while at it? Remember, most of the time you’ll be paddling hard to keep the raft on course. At the end of it all, you’ll have worked on your cardio better than someone in the gym.
● Adrenaline – being a thrill seeker, you’ll want to engage in an activity that propels your adrenaline higher. This is what you’ll achieve as you crash through huge waves and navigate around huge rocks.
● Team Spirit – rafting has been found to be a great white water sport that helps to improve team spirit as well as strengthen family ties. You’ll not achieve much if you are not in sync with your teammates.
● Handsome And Sexy Guides – why else would single guys love rafting unless there were some beautiful chicks riding along as guides. One thing to note is that they are professional in every sense and they’ll be there till the end of your adventure. But it still doesn’t hurt to request for her number… you never know where this could lead!
● The Outdoor Experience – work-related factors have constrained us to the indoors. It doesn’t hurt to have some outdoor fun and thrill. This way, we get to appreciate nature and still experience the much it has to offer. Rafting downstream, you’ll, of course, see wildlife, lush green vegetation, and beautiful scenes.

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