Women going on first dates are often so giddy about it that repeatedly leads to an inevitable train wreck and leaves them wondering what the heck went wrong. The main problem is that they allow all that excitement to take over and abandon logic, especially if the guy they are going out with is someone they genuinely liked. Here are some basic pointers to remember when that first date scenario comes once again, and help you score a second date.

Stop Stressing About How You Look

The first train wreck of the night would be you stressing so much over how you appear to the other person. Is your hair okay? Are you wearing the right dress? Are you wearing too much make up? That mainly is what goes through the head of a typical single woman. But as soon as you come face to face with your date, you should put all those endless questions to a halt, trust yourself and let your confidence take over. Stressing over how you look will definitely affect your date even though you are not saying it loudly. You will appear so self conscious that your date wouldn’t know how to talk to you. Also, the bigger thing is that, you will tend to focus entirely on yourself and not on your date. It will take from you the opportunity to really know the other person. You will lose the opportunity to realize whether the date that is happening before your eyes can lead to a potential relationship.

Never be a Drama Queen

One of the questions people never fail to ask during the first date, is the “can you tell me something about yourself” question. Then you answer something like, mentioning your work, hobbies, favorite movies or books, etc. But never ever talk about your dramas in life, like how you hate your ex-boyfriend’s guts, how your job sucks, how you hate your mom because you are just not good enough for her, and how you hate your life. That is just too much for a first date to handle. Remember, people tend to gravitate towards those who give off good vibes, and those who are happy. Of course, who would want to hang out with someone filled with angst and is complaining all the time.

Keep it Short and Sweet

It would be ideal to keep your first date strictly short. If you are having dinner, you may want to avoid on having drinks after and just stick to just have dinner. You should stick to your schedule. Resist on prolonging the date even if you are having the time of your life. This is particularly more effective if you are indeed having the best time, because your date would be left with good memories of you, and will be asking for more. Remember, men, by nature are conquerors. The more you resist them, the more they will come after you. End the first date before there is an opportunity for one of you to get bored. Keep in mind that you should leave each other something to do or talk about for future dates. Let him think that you have a busy social life so you have to end the date early. That would drive him to pursue you and insist that you make him part of your calendar. It would leave him the impression that you are not clingy, and that you are an independent and fun person, and would leave him wanting for more.

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