QR codes have become a very useful element to access any information easily and simply. Through a simple scan we can see what information it saves. However, these codes are intended to be read with smartphones and tablets, so if we do not have one, we will not know what they hide. But today we are going to show you QR Code Desktop Reader, which will allow us to scan qr code from laptop camera.

Today, tools such as the Internet allow you to navigate through information with amazing speed . There are many ways that allow us to access web pages or files quickly. One of them are the well-known QR codes .

These codes hide information that we can interpret if we scan them with our smartphone or tablet . They will take us, for example, to a web page, without needing to know the address of that page.

However, it may happen that we do not have a smartphone or tablet on hand , and that we only have a PC. For these cases, today we bring you a solution that will allow us to scan qr code from laptop camera.

QR codes are also for your PC
In order to read the QR codes on our Windows PC, we will use a program Desktop QR Code reader for Windows. We must download it and install it on our PC.

Once installed, we can start using it. We can read the QR codes that we have stored on our PCs, those found on a website, or those that appear, for example, in a poster or magazine.

To read the code of a downloaded image, we will click on From file, and immediately a window will open where we can select the image that contains the QR code. The program will decrypt it and its content will be displayed in the Decoded Text box.

If instead we are on a web page, we will click on the From Screen option , and we can select the part of the screen that contains the QR code. In doing so, the service will interpret the code and we can see the content in the same way as before.

Finally, if the image is on a physical medium (poster, magazine, newspaper ...), we can read the code by capturing a photo with the webcam and uploading it to the program.

In addition to reading QR codes, this service will allow us to copy the content of these codes to the clipboard , which will be useful if we want to put that information, for example, in a text editor . To do this, we will click on Copy to clipboard . Finally, the code information can also be saved in a text file , simply by clicking on the Save to file .

You have already seen it. A very easy way to read QR codes without having a smartphone or tablet at hand. With this program, QR codes certainly acquire more utility than they already have.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover