Here’s your weekly tip for client attraction, getting more clients, making more money, multiplying your business.

Today it’s about how to scale your business. The way to make a lot more money in your business, more money than you’re making now, is to add more value to even more people’s lives and when you do that, you make more money.

It’s very simple but it’s not always easy. It’s common sense – you make more money by working with more people and you do that by adding more value.

If you were to think about how can you massively increase your income, if we were to look at your income now and looking for a five times multiplication, five times what you’re making now, you would be working with at least five times more people than you’re working with now.

The key is looking at your existing business models and see are you working one-to-one right now, hours for dollars? Is your income capped at how many clients you can work with?

If so, you are in a classic Leverage Lucy or Leverage Larry business model. This is where you cannot make more money in your business because you are trapped into that one paradigm. The key for you to make more money in your business and affect more people’s lives is to change your business model and to look at how could you scale what you’re already doing so that you can work with so many more people.

Your assignment for the week: How can you offer what you currently offer your clients in a much more scalable business model? Really think about your business model and say, “Okay, how can I scale what I’m currently doing so that clients still get great results but I can work with so many more clients?”

Your second question, this is part of your assignment for this week, is to ask yourself, “If I had 100 clients show up tomorrow, brand new clients show up tomorrow, how would I change how I do business to accommodate all of them.”

Maybe you’re working with 20 or 30 clients now but imaging that you had to take on starting tomorrow 100 more clients, what would you need to do to your business model to how you deliver your information or your services so that you could accommodate all these 100, and perhaps for you you’re already doing that, maybe it’s 1,000 more people.

Really think about those business models. Look to stretch how you think about how you deliver your products and services to be able to make a lot more money and service a lot more clients.

So thought provoking thought for the week and I want you to really sit down and noodle this out, write in your journal and look around in either your industry or other industries and look at how other people are scaling their businesses and see what you can model. Just this alone can have you add another zero to your income within the next year.

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