There's nothing worse than great art that is poorly placed. When you take the time to decorate an area, you want to be assured that your efforts create an overall sense of organized planning. Without direction to help it match other spatial elements, you'll notice that even the best art looks bad for its surroundings.

Make sure you arrange the decorations you find so that they give a sense of open space. Your vinyl wall art may take way less room than framed paintings or photos, but that doesn't mean you can just cram it all into whatever space looks available. If your wall art increases the sense of clutter present in the room, you need to rearrange it.

Top design theory tips for decorating with wall art advise you to invest in a regular tape measure and a pencil. While many wall art images look fabulous regardless of their orientation, it's good to be precise when you want them lined up straight. Some vinyl wall decals have regular straight edges, while others are contour-cut to match the outlines of their images. Install yours however the mood strikes you.

Content is another personal issue. Don't let others tell you how to decorate if you don't have to. You and your family, employees or housemates should be able to choose any type of scenery you like and have it up on the wall at full blast. Remember that you're the only people who have to work and live with your decor choices, so have fun with them.

Vinyl wall decals are essentially limitless. Because you can apply them so many ways, they're the only type of decor that successfully make modern offices look professionally branded. The right vinyl wall decals make small, cramped homes look more like wide environments. Don't waste this chance to redecorate your interiors in ways you never conceived.

Painter's tape is another great decorator's tool. For a couple of dollars, you can get a cheap roll that sticks well temporarily without damaging vinyl prints or painted walls. Tape your decal up so that it won't fall from the spot you're considering. Give the position a few minutes' consideration before picking your final spot and applying the vinyl wall art.

Vinyl wall decals are fun, fast and dynamic. Remember to think about how they can even go behind the things you've already got hanging up. Simple monotone outline decals look great behind hanging photos. Silhouettes of trees, planets and mountains are all good examples of interesting, stark backgrounds.

Drop the paint. Take a few minutes to try decorating with vinyl wall art. Don't be afraid to modify, split, rotate or combine your decals. Spread portions out across multiple surfaces and walls. With art-filled interiors this inexpensive and quick, you may as well aim for the moon!

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Ali Abrahimia is the owner of Walls Need Love, which is an interior design company that specializes in vinyl wall decals based out of Nashville, TN. In addition to creating new innovative lines of wall decals, Ali is an accomplished author and a world traveler. If you have any questions concerning interior design or how wall decals can be used to revitalize a space, feel free to contact him.