Streaming services have made cable TV feel pointless and irrelevant. What’s worse, is that the price of cable TV has been increasing to make up for its loss in subscribers. More and more people are considering making the complete switch to services such as Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video. There is a lot to be said for cable TV, though. If you live in or around Orlando, consider Spectrum bundled packages to see the services they offer. Their cable TV options tend to be cheaper and more reliable than other services. If that isn’t enough, try these tips for saving money on your cable TV bill.


            Things to Consider Before Reading these Tips


There are a few things to consider and research before looking at these tips. Take the time to read through this list, and make sure you have everything you need to save.


  • Look through your contract - Know the extent of the service and the details of your contract. Find the exact figures you’re paying, what services you’re paying for and all the charges you’ve accumulated over the last few months.


  • Learn When and What Your Family Watches - Track the shows your family is watching and note the peak hours of screen time. You’ll want to have every television channel your family routinely watches, in addition to some others. This will help you negotiate a better deal.


  • Check What Equipment You Use - Track the equipment you use to get your TV connection. Figure out where the equipment is in your home, where you got it and is this the best, most up to date, equipment for your needs.


  • Look Up Other Providers - Research other providers in the area. If your cable company is unwilling to negotiate, you’ll know exactly where to go when you jump ship. You also may be able to get a better offer from another company, which you can then use as leverage at your current cable company.


            The Tips


  1. Learn to Negotiate - Your cable company will not want to lose a loyal customer, especially if you use more than one of their services. It’s best to try to do this near the end of a contract because they will be desperate to get you to stay. Come in to the meeting with facts, figures and offers from other cable companies. If one person denies you, try someone else. You never know which employee will give you the best deal unless you talk to more than one.


  1. Reduce Your Premium and Extra Channels - If you rarely watch ESPN, get rid of it. There are so many streaming services online now, that if you’re really craving a specific channel, you can find it somewhere else. Stick to the channels you use most frequently. They are the ones that make having cable TV worth it. Anything else is a waste of money.


  1. Get Rid of Your Cable Boxes - Having cable in every room is unnecessary. Cut back on the cable boxes you don’t need, or use the least. This is a marginal saving, but it adds up in a year’s time. There is no need to have a cable box in the guest room, especially if you rarely have overnight guests.


  1. Buy, Don’t Rent - Renting your gear may seem cheaper now, but it costs more over time. Buy the gear needed to run your cable now. This reduces the monthly cost, and will save you a chunk of money over time.


  1. Buy a Bundle - Bundle your phone, TV and internet together. This will help you save money.


  1. Don’t Bundle Too Much - Bundling does save money, but if you don’t need a service, don’t get it just for the bundle discount. If you don’t use that service, you don’t use it. That’s not going to change with a bundle deal.


  1. Double Check Your Fees - Make sure you aren’t being charged for any additional services or channels that are not in your contract. Double check your bills to ensure you are only paying for what is stated in your contract.


  1. Switch Providers - If you can’t get the best deal from your current provider, don’t be afraid to make a switch. There is bound to be a cable company that works with your cable needs. They exist -- all you need to do is find them.


These tips will save you some money on your cable TV bill, especially when it seems like the price keeps increasing. Don’t get rid of your cable TV just yet. There are several ways to save money on your cable TV bill and still keep the channels you love to watch.



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Hazel Sansbury is a professional financial Journalist at Value Spectrum. He has more than 4 years’ experience in writing articles on finance, business, and cryptocurrency. In the past, he was working for Stocks Reporters. He has a great interest in writing and reading articles on finance