The time frame for not being able to touch the money is, for the most part, much longer than the time deposits. There are plenty more options to keep savings in. The bank officer can give a variety per bank so it depends on the saver.

Don't stick to one job - do some moonlighting! Sometimes one or two jobs are already stressful, yes, but if the saver has some spare time, he or she can dip his or her toes into some freelance jobs. There are a variety of options especially on the internet.

Before involving oneself into a freelance job online though, make sure that it is legitimate. The easiest way is to check online on a search engine to see if people have reported it as a scam or not.

Many websites offer article writing, transcribing, or even tutoring English. Other sidelines can be selling baked goods, making beaded jewelry and selling them online, and becoming a party planner.

Consider the Stock Market. It sounds kind of scary, but careful savers should study a lot about it and listen to advice from the experts before dipping their toes in.

Try this Cash Flow Tip. If the saver has money flowing in from his or her primary income, and extra from moonlighting, then he or she can try saving 30% from the primary income (the main earning job) and use the rest for basic needs such as the rent, food, and the bills.

50% of the extra income from moonlighting can be saved and the other 50% can be spent on wants. That way the savings account is boosted but wants can still be met.

You can use all these strategies to save money but it means nothing unless you can sustain and continue to save successfully for the long term. Get my FREE how to save money making secrets set on auto-pilot at:

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