How To Save A Marriage With Trust Issues: Struggling Marriage Advice

Today you can make the decision to save your troubled marriage. It will be a process but if you begin to build trust now it is possible to save your marriage today.

Marriage success comes from a variety of elements in proper balance. Trust in marriage is indispensable for a proper foundation to be built. Build trust now and maintain it forever. It is easier to build and maintain than it is to rebuild trust in a marriage.

Things come and go in life. No matter what it is cars, houses, toys, they are all intended to be temporary. Your relationship with your spouse is your single greatest asset and should be treated with that level of respect and dignity.

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Relationships should begin with a certain amount of intrinsic trust in the beginning. If you begin a relationship questioning whether or not you can trust your partner chances are you can't and you should follow your intuition. If nothing else move cautiously forward until you better understand if your concerns are legitimate or not.

Maintaining trust requires transparency and openness with your spouse. Your intentions and motivations should be clear. There may be times that a spouse would question your desires or motivations and you should have enough trust and respect to treat each other with kindness and reassurance if that is what they are asking for.

It takes both people to maintain trust. It only takes one partner to destroy it. People are human, if a mistake occurs it is far better to address it than to stuff it and hope that it never surfaces again. Covering mistakes with lies would only perpetuate the mistake and it can only get worse.

If your relationship has broken down don't despair. One person taking the initiative to make positive changes can make the difference in a relationship but you may not be able to do it alone. With the proper assistance you will be on your way quickly to restoring trust in your relationship and experiencing marriage success. One person has the ability to affect change in a marriage and begin to save a troubled marriage. Make that decision today.

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Do you have trust issues in your marriage? Trust is one of the most basic foundations of a good relationship. Without trust, your marriage simply cannot succeed. If you have a loss of trust in your marriage, you need to rebuild that foundation in order to have a happy and healthy relationship.

There are different kinds of trust which need to be present in a marriage and there are several types of trust issues. Identifying the problem in your marriage is the first step to rebuilding a no trust marriage.

1. Cheating. Of course, this is the most obvious breakdown in trust and the worst betrayal in a marriage. It is extremely difficult to rebuild trust when you or your partner has been unfaithful. Only you can determine whether you even want to move forward in your marriage after infidelity. The best way to make that decision is to give yourself time and space. You need to ask yourself whether your marriage is worth saving and whether you can ever forgive your spouse. You also need to try to determine why the cheating occurred. An affair is often a symptom of problems in a marriage, not the cause. Both individual and couples counseling can assist you in making your decision and rebuilding the trust in your marriage.

2. Jealousy. If one spouse has not been unfaithful but the other spouse still doesn't trust them, someone has a bad case of the green-eyed monster. Jealousy can be vicious and destructive in a relationship. The problem almost always lies with the person who is jealous rather than the other spouse who usually has done nothing to warrant this lack of trust. Jealousy can be severe enough to be called abusive. If you are the jealous partner, you need to get control over your emotions and recognize them for what they are. Communication can help - instead of misinterpreting an innocent situation, just ask your partner to clarify first rather than accuse. If you have the jealous spouse, you need to understand that your partner may not be able to help his or her feelings and communicating with him or her up front may avoid any negative feelings. Ultimately, though, it is up to the person at fault to correct his or her behavior or your marriage will not succeed.

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3. Control. Sometimes in a marriage, there are control issues where one person feels the need to dictate all decisions. This really boils down to a trust issue. Successful marriages are based upon trust and respect. When one person attempts to control the other spouse, trust simply cannot exist within that relationship on either side. The controlling spouse clearly doesn't trust his or her partner to make good decisions. The spouse who is being controlled loses faith in their partner to treat them as an equal. Again, it is up to the controlling spouse to take action by determining where this behavior is originating from and to correct it. A marriage is an equal partnership and both partners need to recognize that and treat it as such.

4. Money. Most couples fight over money at some point in their marriage. Often, they are not on the same page when it comes to spending or managing money. This sets up a situation where one partner spends money without consulting or informing the other just to avoid a fight. Unfortunately, what happens is that a loss of trust occurs on both sides of the equation. In order to repair this situation, both spouses need to have a frank and honest discussion about his or her beliefs about money and spending. Realistic ground rules need to be set up in terms of the handling of marital money and they need to be adhered to. Both parties must compromise when determining these rules so that they meet somewhere in the middle. Again, a marriage is an equal partnership and neither partner is necessarily right or wrong. In order to have a successful marriage, you need to be able to reach a middle ground that you both can live with.

These are the most common ways for a loss of trust in a marriage to occur but there are also others. A no trust marriage cannot succeed. In order to have a healthy and happy marriage, you need to identify the causes of the loss of trust and to work on those issues to try to rebuild that trust. This may mean that you need to accept responsibility for your part and to address your individual issues. In the end, though, saving your marriage is worth the effort.

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Marriages are structures built to last long. But sometimes they are broken so easily that you may wonder whether marriages can be so fragile. The reason for the dichotomy between the theoretical concept of marriage as an abiding arrangement and the practical reality of the structure crumbling in response to a gentle push is that the structure is not a physical entity but a conceptual arrangement. So the best way to save your marriage is to understand the importance of marriage conceived as a durable relationship built on love, trust and understanding. If you are clear about this idea of a marriage, you will not allow it to be weakened by trivial factors like irrelevant differences of opinion or petty fights.

You will be surprised if you come to know the reasons for which marriages are broken. Though incompatibility is a term, often conveniently cited as a factor rocking marriages, an analysis of the factors that have brought about this incompatibility will make you feel both amused and sad, amused by the triviality of the issue and sad at such a triviality resulting in the breaking of a marriage. This is often the reality. It is not the differences but how you handle the that will lead to a marriage break up. There are couples who have differences on issues affecting their lives but still live together by understanding that differences in perception cannot affect the love they have for each other. And there are couples who have broken up because they had differences on issues that would have had no bearing on their lives. Should you break your marriage because you have divergent opinions on President Obama's economic policies or his approach to health care? Believe me, people have broken up on such differences of opinion!

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So, is there a way to protect your marriage getting broken by such trivial issues? I don't mean that it is all right if your marriage is broken by serious issues. While resolving differences over serious issues may be challenging, allowing petty issues to harm your relationship is unwise to say the list. So, what do you do? Whenever you find that you are on the other side of the fence on some issue and that the argument begins to get hotter, just ask yourself, "Is this issue relevant to our relationship?' If the answer is 'no,' then make a determined effort to end the argument. Change the mood by telling a joke or by saying something graceful and self effacing like, "Perhaps you are right. I will think about your points and reexamine my stand." The differences or at least the argument should end there. You can also be frank by saying, "Let us agree to differ and carry on. Why should we argue on this and give room for bitterness?" Your spouse will be sure to see your viewpoint and agree with you quickly. And you would have saved the boat of your marriage getting rocked by some ripples.

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Couples who are still not married or engaged can sometimes feel confused as to where their relationship is heading to. This is a common experience for women particularly those who expect so much in their relationship.

But before you say and do more things that will only annoy your partner, try to be more patient and just wait for things to take their natural course. It's best to stay calm and cool even though you're feeling mixed emotions inside. Men can easily feel the pressure and get annoyed when their partners are showing acts they don't like.

Avoid saying things to friends hinting that you're heading towards engagement or marriage. Men don't want to be caught off guard so never initiate things that will only upset him. The best you can do is to really wait for the time when he will pop to you that one question of "Will you marry me?" or "Would you like to be my wife?" Then and only then can you brag about it to your family and friends.

Show your support always. As early as possible, be supportive of your partner with regards to his work or business endeavors. Your man will appreciate you for being there to back him up. If you are able to do this with a cheerful heart, you are showing a good part of yourself. And don't get tired of doing this because when the times comes that the two of you eventually tie the knot, you will still need to play this role.

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Don't be over jealous as well as your man will only get a hint about your attitude. And don't even think about putting restrictions on your partner because he might just take it negatively. Remember your actions and facial expressions speak louder than words so try to be a little more careful with how you act especially when your partner is around.

Be friendly with his family and friends. You can be sure to gain the love of your partner if you are able to establish a good relationship with the people close to his heart. Develop an attitude of focusing on the positive side of people you encounter more so those who are close to your man. Wouldn't you be happy to start a positive relationship with your future in laws? If you have the drive to start a friendship with them, then you will only gain more in the future.

If you're meant to be husband and wife in the future, don't force it early on or give hints to your partner concerning marriage every now and then. Let him be the first to open up the idea to you instead of you pushing the idea. Allow your relationship to develop into a deeper level and show your best foot forward. Men want to have a partner whom they can be proud of and whom they can rely on through good times and bad.

So remember to do things that won't ruin your relationship if you really desire to be the wife of your man in the near future. When you do things right, you will reap the rewards eventually.

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