How To Save A Marriage On Brink Of Divorce: Things To Do To Save A Marriage

Reasons for a marriage to go sour are many. Starting from issues like infidelity, trust, jealousy, ill-temper - the list is endless and as varied as the people themselves. But one issue that is hardly discussed is the issue of 'unmet needs' which can play havoc in a marriage and rip it apart. Therefore, if you are serious to save your marriage and have already started the process of analyzing your particular issue give some thought to the concept of having 'fair expectations'. Things are usually hunky dory during the first few years of marriage, though there could be intermittent clash of views. But over the years, the small fights become big obstacles impacting communication, expressions of love and togetherness. The critical mistake committed by most people is that they ignore such early signals. Chances are very high that the misunderstandings are arising out of frustrations resulting from 'unmet needs'. Or, to put it more aptly, both of you have very high expectations of each other. To save your marriage, here are some pointers on why and how you can keep fair expectations from each other:

Men expect:

- Their wives to be super in everything including motherhood, career, home management, financial management, beauty and looks, social skills and more.

- Their wives to 'understand and support' all that that is happening in their lives.

- Their wives to be emotionally empathetic on every issue.

Women expect:

- Their husbands to be a 'Mr. Fix-It'. There is no problem on earth that the husband cannot solve, starting from fixing the faucet to buying the most cost-effective home insurance.

- Husbands to give them company every time she is feeling lonely or left out. He is supposed to interpret all unsaid words and unexpressed feelings.

- Husbands must exactly understand the reasons for her mood swings, anger and frustration.

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Over and above the three individual instances given above, there are hundreds of expectations which you might be having about your spouse. Once they are not met, your marriage is in jeopardy. To save your marriage, the best option is to keep your expectations as low and fair as possible. If you keep in mind that your spouse is also human with his or her due share of shortcomings and follies, you can easily save your marriage and prevent it from hitting the rocks. No matter how 'perfect' your spouse is, there would, at all times, be several unmet needs - either you learn to live with them or to save your marriage, try to change his or her attitudes and contributions in a gentle and unobtrusive way.

In stead of nit picking on every issue, if you can understand why he or she is behaving the way they are, you can make the job to save your marriage simpler and easier. Appreciate that there are some inherent traits in every individual which is the result of his or her upbringing, profession, lack of exposure and even his socio-economic status.

If you want to move against the current, you might drown before you save your marriage. The most intelligent thing to do in a marriage is to appreciate each other the way they are and not try to 'change the person' and then love. It is impossible to change the essential person that your spouse is. In any case, you cannot save your marriage by being impatient and having a series of unmet needs lasting a long time.

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Living in an unhappy marriage is a sad place to be. It is sadder still when you learn that you've been living like this needlessly because they are many resources available to help you save your marriage.

Divorce court is not inevitable, but it takes work by both partners to fix what has been broken. Here's a brief look at a step-by-step approach that has helped many people.

Use Your Imagination

Remember when you were dating. Imagine how breathless you felt when your spouse was not your spouse. Close your eyes and think about the early feelings of love that you felt. Get your partner to participate in this activity by asking, "What was the first thing that attracted you to me?" Don't ask, "Why did you marry me?" That's a confrontational question.

If you have an unhappy marriage, there is a reason. What that reason is varies from couple to couple. Using your imagination to rekindle old feelings of love and excitement can do a lot to start you and your spouse down another road - one that has a happier ending.

Make a Date

One of the most common problems that couples face and often complain about is the lack of time that they spend together. It is very easy to get stuck in a routine. You both work. You come home. You have dinner and take care of the kids.

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You may spend the rest of the evening in front of the TV or these days, in front of a computer screen. We all have busy lives, with lots of appointments on our schedule. Make an appointment to spend time with your spouse and stick to it.

Whether you are the husband or the wife in an unhappy marriage, ask your spouse out on a date. If he or she is resistant, don't give up. Pretend that you are pursuing again and enjoy the chase. Bring back flirtation to your marriage. It can really liven things up. Believe me, your spouse will respond to positive attention.

Find Out What You Have In Common

You may feel that you know everything about your significant other, but there are likely many things that you don't know. You may have some things in common that you never realized. Take the time to find out what your spouse is interested in and encourage that interest by surprising them with an outing or book that supports it. For instance, if your husband reveals that he's always wanted a classic car, take him to Hot August Nights in Reno, where classic car buffs from around the world congregate for a week.

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You probably know a person who goes around giving free advice to anyone who he meets. For the most part, free advice is worthless. Therefore people are sure that "you get what you pay for". But there is also an exception to every rule. Occasionally between all of that free general and marital advice you may hear, you can find that one concealed jewel that is definitely worth millions.

In this article, you will read that little diamond that is worth more than you could possibly imagine. All you have to do is to implement what you read. I will present to you 2 parts of a marriage that you need to stay focused on even in difficult situations. Choose to do this, you will enjoy a great marriage.

1. Commitment. While we all enter into marriage knowing that it is a commitment, however few people don't actually appreciate to what extent you need to totally commit with body, mind and soul. If you are ready adamant to put forth the time and effort needed to find alternatives to your problems alongside one another, you will eventually have a happy marriage.

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Every husband and wife whom I know who went through tough times and stayed committed to finding an answer, ultimately found it and salvaged their marriage. It was a long process but in the end, each couple eventually raided a healthy and loving family. I haven't yet found anything that is perfect, and everything takes effort. Be committed, keep pushing through, and you also will have a incredibly nice marriage.

2. Respect. There are simply no two individuals who have the identical thought or approach in every situation.We are all at least a little different. So, it is human, normal and even a positive necessity to have disagreements. How bland life would be if everyone thought and liked the same things. However, there is a appropriate way to disagree respectfully.

Such as,You do not call names no matter how frustrated you can be, by no means put down your spouse in front of anyone, and always value their personal wants. There are times that this is difficult, but respect is the basis for a solid foundation on which you can learn to solve your issues jointly.

While most free advice is not worth the time to even listen, ignoring the words you have just read could result in having a bad marriage and being unhappy. Incorporate the steps concepts above into your marriage and I will guarantee that you will find the road to a great marriage.

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THIS article is an offering about such an oft dull topic: marriage. "Dull?" I hear you say... yes, Dull!

But isn't dull good? Seriously.

Yet I don't at all mean dull in the sense of boring. I mean dull in the sense of utterly imperfect as in seeing yet not seeing... as in what the apostle Paul mentioned in 1 Corinthians 13:12a, "For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we will see face to face."

Marriage, now, is dull, and with our partner we see dimly at best, as do they, but one day soon, when marriage is superfluous, because we shall no longer need it, we will see the Lord face to face. Our marriage with God will be delight.

Now, I am sure there are those who will read who will say, "What planet is the guy on? My marriage is magnificent!" Of course, it is. I am so thankful for mine, too. My marriage is magnificent. But not in the ways I thought it would be magnificent when I first said, "I do." Your marriage may be sheer bliss, every moment. You do have an extraordinary marriage! But isn't every marriage extraordinary? Every single partnering with a commitment 'til death do us part' is a miracle of righteous romance.

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Magnificent, yet dull. We are marred by our human condition, and as a man I must confess that marring is telling and fatal. It is as terrible as it is certain. My wife loves me, there is no question in that, but the fact is, she deserves more; much more than I can give. Some men say they 'married up'. Well, we all miss the mark by a significant amount.

My thesis is that romance is ordinary. It lasts a few fleeting moments and then, as a vapour, it wafts away... but the real romance is dullness endured. That's the real love story. Will you sit there while I cut my toe nails? Can you endure my bathroom odour? Are the errands of life something we can do together? Shall I tell you what disgusts me? Do please help me clean up the children's messes. And... what will you do when I say, "Leave me alone?" Will you stay?

Dull, but good. Dull, magnificently dull.

How magnificent that, though we see dimly, we still have the decency to see it through to the bitter end. Through thick and thin, that is love. That there's nothing you can do to dissuade me!

Magnificence in marriage is saying, "I am, all of me, all yours!"

Love is both partners smiling amid the truth: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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