The Economy and how it has affected the Ego

Being weighed down by self-doubt can be crippling. You know you can, you know you should but, somehow you just can’t bring yourself to move. You get comfortable in the stuck mode, you know this is not good but it gets extremely difficult when you feel like your whole world is falling apart right before your eyes.

When faced with another mountain of the feelings of being incapable continues, remember these are only thoughts. It is easier to just sit and feel sorry for your misfortune and blame it on the rest of the world. We all wished we had made better choices. We moan for lost opportunities and stupid mistakes. You can toil over those thoughts for days, but it won’t change a thing about today.

Holding a grudge for being downsized in this volatile job market serves no purpose. But you hated the job anyways, it should be a blessing. Alas, no paycheck is the real issue. This is the very reason we stay stagnant in a job we hate. The job may have been okay at times, but with a demanding boss and surmountable pressure, it eats away at your total existence.

How often do we wish for an escape and then wham, they let you go! Didn’t expect that or were you just running around with blinders on? Maybe you knew it was coming, but somehow couldn’t see yourself on the unemployment line. Sure it can be a severe blow to the ego, but didn’t you want to tell them many times what they could do with the job?

Now that it has happened you can get to regain your composure and face the music! But surely you are better off mentally. It is amazing how much you can get done in the 40 hours plus commute time. As they say this is the first day of the rest of your life.

Did you really think that job was your life? A job is never who you are defined as. It should never have been your identity that is so shallow.

This is a time to grow and find out who you really are. You may discover you are more brilliant than your boss and coworkers ever thought. It is a great opportunity to explore your talents. The time will allow you to really learn who you are, what expertise you have in so many fields.

I was laid off from a warehouse office job. That was not who I was, although I felt lost in that definition until I was cut loose. It is at first hard to separate from a paycheck and a title. When I started exploring and writing I found that I was more than the knowledge I had gained from the job I was good at.

Tied to what others want from you during your waking hours in the week becomes stifling of your talents. At times you are unaware of how little of life you are actually experiencing.

When you are laid off it gives you a chance to take a long hard look how you want the rest of your life to go. A purpose in life that is up lifting and gives you pride should be the goal. How few people are ever in a job they absolutely love, unfortunately not very many and that is why our life just seems to fade away.

Many cages have been rattled during this economy and some have rose to a better understanding of who they are and what they want in their lives. Many families have become closer during this time of financial crisis and that is a good thing.

Maybe this has made many of us more compassionate and more resourceful. If you are really stuck and have no clue as to where to go from here, then this is a great time to find a place to volunteer. The connections with others who are already volunteering, may just give you the direction of where to find your real purpose in life. You can be an optimist through all of this or a pessimist. It is all up to you!

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This transpired after I was laid off from a job after 12 years. I became inspired to create the site with the knowledge that many others are going through tough times and understanding the conflicts we all face each day. We are not alone on our journey in life.