How to Revive Lost Files from a Formatted SSD with Recovery Tools. Formatted SSD? Can I Recover It? How to Revive Lost Files from a Formatted SSD
Formatting an SSD could be intentional or by accident. However, when you do it accidentally, you are more likely to lose precious data. This can be a stressful scenario since recovering formatted drives is not very easy.

If the formatting was intentional, then you probably know what type of formatting was applied. Quick formatting only deletes the pointers while the actual partitions where data is stored are usually left intact. On the other hand, full formats delete all files and scan all the available sectors to check their health. Recovering data from such scenarios can be very difficult.

When full formatting is performed, data is overwritten on the SSD with new and optimized file structures. Besides, the process wipes all the data and fills them with zeros making data recovery impossible.

Even though full formats are not directly harmful to SSDs, we do not recommend that you do it on a regular basis. This is because the drive only supports a limited number of write cycles before they die.

If your drive was formatted with the quick method, then there are chances that the files have not been overwritten and therefore remain recoverable. We will show you in the next section how to retrieve lost files after SSD formatting. The two methods apply appropriate recovery tools with a high reputation for their work.

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