Menopause Signs, Menopause Weight Gain, and OsteoporosisSymptoms...

            are words you may be getting used to seeing and hearing from your doctor, the internet, and advertisements.  
How can that be???
Well, here is what is going on...

Causes and Solution to Menopausal Symptoms...

Here are a few things that lead to menopause:
- Drinking Dark Colas (I'll explain why in a moment)
- Lack of Proper Resistance on Bones (I'll explain that too =)
-  Genetics (Don't put too much weight on this one (kind of a pun on previous reason! haha.  But real)
        When we're talking about drinking too much dark cola notice my words, "too much".  I'm obviously not a proponent of Sodas AT ALL and my mom definitely never let us get Kool-aid or made sodas a habit for our home but I do point out "too much" for  reason.  
        Just because something is healthy doesn't mean more is better and just because something is unhealthy it doesn't mean that a tad will kill you.  Balance is the key here and in the West that is a PIVOTAL #1 Problem of our culture.  We're extreme in everything.  Exercise, Diet, Pleasure, Ascetism, etc.  That simply won't work.  That being said, let me get off of the box of soap a bit and tell you simply why dark colas are a killer for your bones. 
Drinking Dark Colas...
        We've all heard that Coca-cola can dissolve the corrosion on your car battery.  Ok.  Well, you don't have to be an Exercise Physiologist (poking fun at myself =) to know that can't be good for a human.  Well, it's not.  In addition to that what about the "Dark" part of colas is so bad??  The "Phosphoric Acid."  That's the component in "Dark colas" that actually eats away at your bones.  Growing older and menopause are already going to do a job on your bones, they don't need your help by drinking this acid.

Lack of Proper Resistance... And FUN SOLUTION! 

     What this means in terms that you've heard before is, "Weight-Bearing Exercise."  That means get out and move.  It doesn't have to literally mean "Weight lifting in the gym" so much as it means, "Moving your own body around in a way that is challenging."  This can be as boring and horrible or as fun and exciting as you make it.  In my Bootcamps my whole point is to make it as fun as possible.  In my Boutique Bootcamps it's to make it fun, relaxing, and pampering as possible!  You can do the same thing where ever you are. Get involved in a program or group where you have accountability, have fun, and actually enjoy getting up and being active.  
     If you're already self-disciplined that's great but I'm a Physiologist and trainer and my exercise mostly comes when I'm training someone else!!  Even I need some motivation sometimes!  If I wouldn't be training people I'm not sure when I would get most of my movement in.  So... no one's above having fun in a crowd =)
Reason why 'Weight-Bearing Exercise is Important...
      You're body was created to move.  it was created to lift things, lift yourself, help people, contribute to the world, etc. It was NOT created to sit for hours on end, not move, sleep all day, etc.  Our culture, sits and drives, sits and talks, sits and thinks, sits and types (uh oh, I better get up =), sits and watches movies, etc. etc.  All of these things ( in moderation remember =) are ok but you've got to keep a tab on them to moderate them.  You can look at the symptoms and problems of Menopause and Osteoporosis as a reminder to you that your life is NOT OVER and that you're just beginning!  
       The solution to these problems is movement, getting involved, laughing, DE-stressing, and helping people.  If you don't do these things your body continues to break down at a rapid pace. So maybe this whole thing is a helper to you.  Use your body for what it is here for and it'll continue to keep working for you in a way that you want it to work.  If you don't give it something to work for then it says, "See ya later, I'm done."
      On a more physiological note, weight-bearing exercise pushes and pulls on your bones. When they receive this activity, signal, etc. it slowly but surely has to strengthen in order to not break or tear.  If you walk with bare feet on cement day in and day out your feet will get harder.  The same thing is happening with your bones but this time you WANT them to get harder/firmer.  The "walking" in this example is the exercise and the "cement" in this example, doing the hardening, is the resistance.  The resistance can be your own body weight or weights.  I don't recommend the gym and the weight room because of all of the sitting going on in there and that's why our boot camps are body weight and Russian Kettlebell focused.  That being said, if you can't find a bootcamp like that then you can email me and I can try to find you one in  your area that would be good for you or if all you have is  a gym then it is certainly better than nothing.  
Genetics.  The ultimate culprit...or Not?
     I may get a lot of flack for this but I've got to be honest with you here.  Compared to your lifestyle, your choices, your activity, and your mindset, your genetics will make up about 10% of your outcome.  If that were not the case then you would not have much choice and you would just be a victim.  MOST PEOPLE want to be a victim because it takes the responsibility out of their hands and they now have an excuse to be lazy (I know this may be offensive but this is the truth and someone needs to say this).  Whether our faithful scientists prove it or not, the correlation between genetic simliarities of children and parents also includes the fact that children will live, act, and respond in a simliar way their parents did or the way they were taught.  

That being said....
     There ARE legitimate cases where genetics or life just happened to deal a hand where you're doing everything right but you're still having pains, weight gains, etc.  In those situations it's still important to not become a victim because that IN NO WAY is going to help your situation.  However, if you look for the ways that you yourself CAN make a positive change on the factors that you can control it will give you a feeling of accomplishment, success, and have more likely of a chance to actually work on  your physical body
So, keep genetics in mind as far as taking a look at habits that may have been passed down and see what you can do to make sure you incorporate good habits and then keep up with your good actions to keep the Bad ol' Osteo Monster away.
Tough Love and Relaxation for Your Bones...

I mentioned this a bit earlier but if you're in Dallas or you want to come to Dallas, TX I have a Bootcamp Boutique and a Fun Bootcamp that you're more than welcome to come and visit and participate with our community.
The goal of the Bootcamp Boutique is to provide pampering and relaxation because Stress is a HUGE contributor to Weight Gain, Fat Retention, Osteoporosis, and general weakening of the bones.  So... if we can remove that we can substantially increase the ability to lose weight and lose fat.
Also, we incorporate our Bootcamp exercises.  Our tough love.  We definitely have a a great time but it'll definitely also make you sweat!  It's intense and it's only 30-minutes so you don't have to sacrifice your day for it.  Studies have shown for years that taking it up a notch is better than staying in the gym all day anyways.  We've only got 12 spots left so let us know as soon as you're able!
I hope this helped you and answered a few questions.  Stay posted for more on this topic and more ways to get through "Stubborn Fat" and "Plateaus".  

Exercise Physiologist and Boot Camp Owner

Author's Bio: 

Jerome Bethea (aka "JB") is an Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer in Dallas, TX, where he lives with his wife and his 5-month old son, Aviel Levi. His Bootcamps are growing exponentially and are known for there 30-minutes routines, fun and upbeat sessions, and effective nutrition tips and achieved weight-loss goals. JB's Bootcamp Boutique is another hit that is happening with only 12 slots available per camp that is coined by the phrase, "Take 5-Days to Relax Your Fat Off..."

JB says, "I would LOVE to have you visit our community or email me at with any questions or topics that you would like for me to cover. Thanks for reading and listening to my articles and I hope to talk with you soon!"