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How to Reserve a Domain and Its Registration

Reserving a domain name is the first task of starting your business online. The domain name is your personal brand of recognition used by visitors and prospective clients to measure your online presence. Here are the some basic tips on reserving a domain name and its registration:

Find out whether the domain you want is available or not. You can use free online domain search websites for this task. Make a list of all possible domain names with the desired extension – a .com or .net is suitable for online business.

Make sure that there is no other duplicate or similar sounding registered domain name. For instance, beer.com and beers.com are similar. Avoid such domain names as it may lead to business loss in future.

Try for global domain registration. It means buy a domain name for all the countries you want to target. In other words, your domain name should have .us, .in, and other such extensions.

Your domain name should be registered in your name only. Don’t involve a third party. If you doing a partnership business online, register the domain name after your business brand name. Moreover, the WHOIS database should be active so that anyone wishing to check your credibility can easily locate it.

Try for lowest price domain name registration. Gone are the days when domain names used to cost more than $20 a year. These days you get it for less than $3 per year or a similar conversion in other currency.

Check the domain name registration details. The domain service provider has to provide you the registration details like name of registrant, validity, cost and others. Verify these details doubly.

Reserving a domain name is easy, provided you know what to do and how to. It is easy to get taken for a ride but when you use global domain registration providers like domainterra.com, you are always secure.

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