Upholstered furniture, which has been in use for a long time, often loses its attractive appearance. But you should not rush to throw away a printed sofa or a sofa with a faded upholstery: you can restore such furniture by hand without the services of experts.

Sofa Upholstery Repair Dubai offers the quality sofa repair and refurbishing services at affordable cost in Dubai.

Repairing an old sofa begins by evaluating the condition of its frame: the sofa back and seat are usually the smallest, the sidewalls can be removed or damaged. The last step of the repair is the upholstery upholstery, as old fabric can fade, wipe, tears.

Frame Corrections

Both stages of the work require the dismantling of the furniture - partial or complete - depending on the design features.

When disassembling, it is recommended that you save the procedure so that you do not forget where the various element mounting points are located during assembly.

The first thing you need to do is disassemble the sofa and its backrests. On some models, removing the back requires dismantling the conversion mechanism. Then remove all existing bolts and screws to disassemble the sofa.

The crushed areas of the hull will be removed and replaced with new elements. The body "patch" can be made by yourself, making accurate measurements and cutting them from chipboard, or by contacting major construction stores that provide carpentry service according to customer designs.

In some cases, it is sufficient that the damaged elements are merely reinforced with a wood or chipboard fragments by attaching them to the frame with a nut and washer.

The spring block repair will be reduced to replace the "sturdy" springs: For this purpose, weaken the damaged helix attachment and screw it in with a screw.

The spring will be replaced by a new one, carefully fixed. If there are too many damaged springs, it is better to replace the entire unit.

The sofa sides are checked for integrity, wooden patches are installed in case of severely damaged elements, and all screws and bolts that have been damaged during use are tightened.

Upholstered Upholstery

To remove the old upholstery, remove any fasteners or furniture nails with a thin flat screwdriver or pliers. If the structure and geometry of the sofa are simple enough, you can cut the new upholstery yourself using the old fabric as a pattern.

In cases where the new upholstery fabric is difficult to cut or sew or the sofa has a complicated design, it is advisable to consult a specialist studio.

Stretching of the upholstery starts from the front, the tissue fitting should be tight but not overlapping to avoid any tears. The material is fixed by means of a furniture machine, which monitors the density of its attachment to the foam filler: folds and tilting of the fabric are not acceptable.

The new upholstery is then stretched to the sides and neatly placed at the corners of the sofa, the extra fabric is cut, bent and sewn. All the sofa elements are assembled in the reverse order, the conversion mechanism is set and fastened securely by bolts.

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No matter what type of upholstery your couch is composed of, rips in the cushions need to be repaired as soon as possible.