Sometimes you might have faced problem in opening a particular file or any program. You might have clicked on that program but you were unable to view that in the desired file type. This happens when you have chose a wrong type of file to open the program. For example: .txt, .doc, .image are some of the types of associated files . If you select wrong application as default program while saving the file then you will be unable to view the same. That means if you have to save a text file but mistakenly you saved it in as image application then the application for image viewer will be opened and you will be unable to view your file.
Similarly, if you have downloaded a music from the internet and while saving the same file you mistakenly selected wrong mp3 file type, which is not available in your system, then you will be not been able to listen to that music.
Hence, it is important to select the correct file type or application while installing the program. However, Windows 7 has got a special feature due to which one file is saved in different associated applications so that you can open that particular file as per your desire.
If, by mistake, you have selected wrong application for your file to be opened with, then you can change the File Associations in Windows 7 by performing simple steps given below:
Step 1
Go to Start Menu by clicking on the 'Windows' image (at the bottom-left of the taskbar). You will see a search box of rectangle shape at the bottom. Typewrite "*.ext" into that box. Ext stands for File Extension. This will help in the extending the type of association with your file. If you are willing to change the file association for ".xlsx" then typewrite in the same file type followed by the star (*) , in the text box (*xlsx). Then strike on 'Enter' key on your key-board.
Step 2
Now you will be shown few search results in a window. Place the arrow-point on the very first file and hit the right button on your mouse. From the scroll down list, click on "Open With" option. Now you will be able to see a dialogue box with program options.
Step 3
Choose the desired program suitable for your file and then click on it. If you are unable to view your desired program then you need to browse the computer for that option. To Browse the computer, just click on the tab written 'Browse' on it. A list with more options will be available in front of you.
Step 4
If you want your file to be opened with the same selected program always, then look for the option, "Always Use the Selected Program to Open this type of File", and hit the cursor on it and then hit the cursor on 'OK' to save this context. Now you can view your file with the new program you have chosen everytime you open that file.

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