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When it comes to getting rid of skin tags and moles, ligation is one of the easy processes performed in hospitals. The skin tag will be tied real tight at its stalk. What is the specific benefit of this step? This will stop blood from the skin from flowing into the stalk. Without blood supply, the skin tag will dry out and eventually fall out. But this procedure is quite slow. The results will not happen overnight. This process won't be as painful as others, though. When there are large skin tags or when you have too many skin tags, this method is not recommended.

Get rid of skin tags with cryosurgery.

In cryosurgery, cells are frozen. Cells that reach freezing point will eventually dry out. Then they fall off from the skin automatically. Freezing of cells or the skin tag is achieved by applying liquid nitrogen. You might be knowing that liquid nitrogen is a very powerful liquid. Hence it not only affects the skin tag region but also the cells and tissues that are surrounding the skin tags. Hence it is not a safe procedure in some cases. That is why liquid nitrogen applied on small skin tags can cause the surrounding areas to be damaged as well. The damages that freezing could cause far outweigh the benefits it offers for those who try it. Hence some people might not want to take up this surgery to remove skin tags.

Removing skin tags through surgical cutting:

Direct cutting of the skin tag with a scalpel is the method of choice of doctors. This safe method makes use of sterilized scalpels or scissors, thereby avoiding infections. Mild bleeding can sometimes be involved after the cut has been made. There could be severe bleeding. Whatever may the case, bleeding needs to be stemmed. To do that, you can apply direct pressure or simply cauterize the area. The blood vessels that have been affected will be immediately sealed up. The location and size of the skin tag will influence the method that will eventually be used to cut the skin tags.

Treatment for cancerous skin tags will differ.

After the surgery, the patient must take antibiotics. No amount of pain will be felt during the cutting. That is due to the local anesthetic applied earlier. The skin tag region will be numb during cutting. A stinging sensation will take over after a while. Don't worry, it is tolerable. But if your skin tag is quite large, you might want to reconsider your decision to choose this method.

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