How To Remove Shyness And Nervousness: How To Become Confident And Not Shy

Do you ever go through the day with the feeling of wanting to talk to someone but then having a certain feeling hold you back? What about just being able to openly express your views to the public without a feeling that you might be wrong? These are some of the symptoms of having shyness.

I remember I used to think I was the shyest person earth. When other people were talking, I would just sit back and watch. I knew it made the environment awkward because I felt uncomfortable inside and I had a feeling the group of people talking together might feel uncomfortable too. It was also very hard to get out of my public comfort zone and ask somebody as simple as where the restroom was or how to get somewhere.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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The reasons why we are shy are many. Both the two main reasons I felt to why I was shy was that I was overly self conscious of myself. Being overly conscious of myself often made me compare myself to others which then made me feel negatively about myself I saw other people as perfect as I was not. The second main reason was that I was constantly worrying about what other people were thinking of me. This causes me to be very sensitive to my movements.

I find myself more confident that I was during the high school and college days. Now I look back and see how silly the way I acted and if I could go back, I wouldn't be the same person I was. Here are some of the things I learned that I want to share with you.

First of all, overcoming shyness really has nothing to do about other people. I always thought that other "confident" people were never shy, but that's not true. Everybody is shy at one point or another but the thing is confident people don't really care about how they're acting. They aren't worrying about their own actions. More rather, they are focusing more on what's going outside of their mind like the interaction at hand or on other people or the book they're reading.

If we want to overcome shyness, one of the best things to do is to focus on other people or other things, not on ourselves. When we engage ourselves in the world outside of our own body, we realize that it's not all about us. By becoming more curious or interested in the little things that are going on around us, it allow us to come off more naturally in social environments, making us feel more happy and positive.

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The best panic therapy is behavior modification. When you modify your behavior you can change the way you react to panic and anxiety. The main reason that you are having panic attacks is because of the way you react to stress and anxiety. You only have panic attacks because of the way you condition your body and mind to react to anxiety. The most effective panic therapy is to simply train yourself to react to anxiety correctly.

There have been studies done about conditioning and behaviors. Studies have shown that you can condition people to be fearful of anything. In these studies psychologists have successfully conditioned people to be fearful of random objects. If you're looking for an effective panic therapy this is good news for you... because just as easy as you can condition yourself to be fearful... you can condition yourself to not be fearful.

To stop your panic you have to re-program the way your mind processes fear and anxiety. Panic attacks typically happen when your thoughts start racing... and then eventually they get out of control. One simply has to interrupt their thought processes to put an end to the cycle of panic which they are about to experience.

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When you find a panic therapy that helps you stop all your learned behaviors... and helps you learn to stop panic... your brain starts to function and process fear correctly. Your brain will start to reorganize itself and dealing with panic and anxiety eventually becomes so easy that you do not even have to think about it. Once your brain learns the proper behaviors you will eliminate your panic attacks forever.

So what does the ideal panic therapy include?

- The ideal therapy typically has a structured set of rules and goals for you to follow.

- Look for something that provides you with a lot of structure, support, and guidance.

- A good panic therapy will include some quick fixes and tricks that you can implement as soon as you start feeling anxiety or panic attack.

- Your panic therapy should help you through your tough times... inspire you... support you... and provide you with invaluable information that will help you with your panic disorder.

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You may be suffering from panic attacks disorder and not even realize what is happening. People with panic disorders often have a variety of symptoms...these symptoms can vary from having a headache, chest pains, hyperventilation, and many more. If you're suffering through panic attacks disorder you may not even know it. Even if you don't know it your panic disorder will have a devastating affect on your life.

The best way to go about treating panic attacks is to make sure that panic disorder is actually what you're suffering from. The first step in identifying panic attacks is to ask yourself a couple questions.

1) Are you constantly worried about when your next symptoms/attack will occur?

2) Does your panic come from nowhere?

3) Do you have symptoms more than once a month?

4) Do you ever feel as though you're losing control? Do anxious thoughts start racing through your mind? Thoughts you cannot stop?

5) Does a fear of your symptoms prevent you from living life the way you want to?

If you answer yes to a good amount of these questions then it is fairly safe to say that you are suffering from a panic disorder.

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When you suffer from panic disorder your life gets turned upside down. You may lose your job, lose your friends, or lose anything that is important to you. This is really hard to deal with especially if you're not even sure that something is indeed wrong with you. Panic attacks disorder can be hard to diagnose because one person may suffer from a certain set of symptoms while somebody else may suffer from completely different symptoms. Often times not knowing makes panic disorder that much harder to deal with.

When you're constantly worried about what is actually wrong with you... if you do not know how to deal with panic attacks disorder... you subconsciously start to get anxious about more and more things. Your life starts to revolve around your panic attack disorder and you can no longer function properly. People get to the point where they let their disorder starts to run their lives... this ends up ruining their lives.

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It is frequently thought that panic attacks happen only to adults, however, children are just as vulnerable. Children are largely overlooked because most do not know how to communicate their levels of anxiety or are fearful to do so. Help for panic attacks is available once you are aware that your child is suffering from them.

Learning to identify and appreciate your childs' stress level can help him/her avoid a lifetime of panic attacks. In today's' society, children are feeling pressure to be more intelligent, a star athlete, thinner, and the best among their friends. Many children also experience various family problems such as divorce, problems getting along with siblings, and a higher awareness of their parents' financial concerns.

Many symptoms in children are similar to those of adults:

1. shortness of breath

2. increased heart rate

3. dizziness

4. trembling

5. fear of dying

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If you are uncertain whether your child could be headed for a panic attack, the following are signs and behavior changes that could be indicators:

1. shows inappropriate anger, sadness, or violence

2. has mood changes with no warning on a regular basis

3. suffers a loss of appetite

4. decreased school performance

5. has frequent stomach aches

6. difficulty getting to sleep and/or has nightmares

7. problem with concentration and easily loses attention

8. has begun to drop out of previously enjoyed activities

9. is on guard or easily alarmed

Help for panic attacks is available for children, and is similar to the treatment used for adults. The first step is to take your child to the doctor to help understand the cause of the attacks.

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