Removing pet odors and pet stains from carpets can be very challenging.

Pet stains and odors associated with the carpet stain can soil not just the rug but also the rug padding and sub floor.

This short tutorial will explain the basic steps to removing pet urine and the odor associated with pet urine from carpet, carpet padding and the sub floor.

It is very important when your household has pets and or children to maintain carpet maintenance schedule to make sure you keep up with your carpet cleaning. This will help ensure a healthier look, feel and smell to your home.

Most people will attest to the fact that walking into a house that smells like dog or cat urine is a foul experience.

This is why this author feels hiring a local professional St Louis Carpet Cleaning service like A professional such as Ultra Steam carpet cleaners to make sure your carpet cleaning is odor free, stain free and cleaned correctly and thorough each time you schedule your carpet cleaning.

If the pet odor or any odor problem with your carpet is not going to be removed if the smell is in the carpet padding.

Carpet odors may also be coming from the wood floor or possibly even the concrete beneath the carpet.This is why it is very important to professionally clean carpets as soon as you see a carpet stain or smell carpet odors such as pet urine, animal urine, human waste, beverage spills, soil from dirt and much more.

Regarding animal urine odor, pet urine, pet stains and pet odors.

• Contact a reliable carpet cleaning company in your area. The professional carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions an expert carpet cleaning expert will use should remove any stains and odors that may exist due to animal waste, animal urine, pet urine, pet odors, sills, food, dirt, grime and more. Professional carpet cleaning services will use deep cleaning methods such as steam cleaning with environmentally safe products to assure your home carpets remain looking healthy and smell free. 2) Turn over the affected area of carpet. Grab the carpet by the edge using a pair of pliers and pull.

• Carpet cleaning companies understand quickly and effectively how to remove the soiled padding section of your home carpets in order to save you unwanted and unnecessary expenses purchasing a new carpet for your room and or home.

In closing, save time, hard exhausting work, save money and call a Pet Stains Removal St Louis professional.

As they say, your home is your castle and your children, pets and family deserve a save and healthy home to live in. Your carpet should always look and smell fresh and clean.

Talk to your carpet cleaner and ask about products that exist in the market to help your pets not re-soil your carpets.

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