The Internet has a brutal potential as a means of communication with our public and potential customers, but also a dark side that can hurt us a lot. If you criticize us, with or without reason, these references will appear linked to our name on Google forever and ever if we do nothing to remedy it. Can these negative results be eliminated in any way for our company?

The answer is: sometimes yes, the vast majority of the time no.

First of all, get used to looking occasionally at Google what appears when you enter your company name. Although it may seem a lie, many companies have never done this simple exercise. If this is your case, do it now. And if you need a good service, here you can hire the best service to improve negative google results.

Internet is nothing more than a reflection of the 'real world'. If you are a good professional, your clients will speak well of you outside and on the internet. If your Products or services are improvable, you have more tickets for someone to criticize you.

When we explain this, they usually tell us: “already, but there will always be someone who comes to criticize you for j ...” Well, it can happen but among small companies, it is not usual.

Do not be afraid to be on the Internet: its advantages are much greater than its disadvantages. But we must be prepared so that the criticisms or negative comments do not play tricks on us.

How? The first thing is to try to maximize the first page of Google with results generated by you. We know that only a small percentage of Internet users visit the second and subsequent pages of the search engine. Therefore, if we generate quality and updated Content to fill the first page of Google we will not leave room for possible criticism; they will be relegated beyond page 2 and will hardly be read.

For this we need:
1.- A web page linked to the Google company listing, which usually appears on the right side of the screen. This tab is free and you can configure it yourself.

If the website has several sections, Google may show them in the form of sublinks under the main result. Perfect, so we occupy more page.

2.- Profiles in social networks. Facebook, Linkedin, Google +… Create your company's profile on different social networks and worry about keeping them updated. This way, Google will show them when someone searches for your company.

3.- Video results. Create a profile on YouTube and share videos about your company. They will also appear linked to your name.

4.- Results of images: share photos of your company through your website, social networks ... Name them with your brand and Google will show them when someone searches for you.

5.- Blog and blog entries: if you have a blog embedded in your website or linked to your web domain, both the home and the different posts you publish can appear when someone puts your name on Google.

With these tools, you will control a good part of the results of Google and avoid criticism of your business in the first results.

Reviews in forums and specialized portals
If you have a restaurant, a hotel, a guild company ... One day you can get up and find something like this:

Bad news. The specialized portals - TripAdvisor, Booking, El Tenedor, Habitissimo in home renovations ... - have brutal visibility and can lead to success or plunge any business with its famous stars and ratings.

As we said before, the internet is a reflection of reality (with exceptions). If you are a great professional you will be filled with stars and if you are the opposite ... you will have earned it.

Another topic is the thousands of websites and forums on the Internet in which Users share their experiences with companies. Depending on the website where the review was published, and if it is false and could undermine your honor, try contacting the webmaster and asking him to delete it.

It is very important to keep in mind that it is not enough to remove the Content from a web page so that the reference in Google, Bing, and other search engines disappears. Once the Content has been removed, the webmaster can and should communicate to the search engines the URL where said Content was located so that it disappears definitively from the internet.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover!