It takes a lot of energy to remain on task when Murphy 's Law is in effect (Murphy's Law = whatever can go wrong, does). Having personally experienced this (repeatedly) over the years, I have been able to build muscle in this area and can now remain focused and keep moving forward, right through the storms. However, this didn't come easy, and I still find myself holding a holey umbrella now and then.

This is the point where it becomes very easy to convince ourselves to turn back around and return to the safety of indoors. Unfortunately, this type of thinking keeps us where we are. Each time we turn around, we proclaim defeat and this feeds the subconscious mind the wrong message, thus increasing the likelihood of repeating this behavior every time a problem arises. In other words, we will remain where we are until we're willing to weather the storms.

In order to remain focused and reach our destination, we must-I repeat-we must focus strictly on the destination and not on the problems going on around us. I'm not suggesting ignoring issues that arise, but I am suggesting not focusing on them. Do what you must to keep going. Yes, keep plugging along, no matter how slow or how small the steps may seem. In doing so, you will reach your destination, guaranteed. Think of it like this: If you begin walking to the corner market and you continue to take steps in the direction of the corner market, where will you eventually end up? Yes, at the corner market. Now, if you turn around or just stop walking altogether, what is the likelihood that you'll make it to the corner market? Exactly.

Here are a few tips to help you remain focused:

1. Set clear and definite goals and write them down. There is a certain magic about writing things down that implants a message in our minds to make it happen, even more so when we repeat it back to ourselves. Whether your goal is career-oriented or personal, write it down and read it often - at least once a day. This will help keep you focused on your goal because you are doing just that, focusing on your goal.

2. Make a plan. Include as much detail as possible. Keep tweaking and revising the plan as you go along to fit the needs of that time. When life gets in the way (and it will) you will need to be flexible. Don't panic - just revise. Remember, it really doesn't matter in what manner you're taking the steps as long as you're moving in the right direction.

3. Make a contract and commit to your goal. As corny as this may sound, make a contract with yourself, sign it and keep somewhere that you can see it to remind yourself. It's a mind game, and it works.

4. Visualize your destination, every single day. If you're a regular reader of mine, you know strongly I feel about visualization. Our imagination is our Director. Hold your vision.

5. Appreciate your life. Believe it or not, this is not common practice. Most people are so busy chasing a better life they do not appreciate the world around them, as it is, right this moment. Finding reasons to be appreciative and soak in every moment plays a huge role in what you attract into your life. If you are paying a lot of attention to what you don't want or don't have, you will find that Murphy's Law is King in your world. Make a conscious effort to write down and marinate in all of the pleasures life gives you, including the ability to create your experiences. You will find that the more you love life, right now, the more life will give you a reason to.

6. Acceptance will give you peace and in that peace, you will find it easier to remain focused. There are certain things you simply do not have the power to change and fighting against them only creates resistance. Have you ever walked uphill against the wind or tried to paddle upriver? Then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Acceptance is not agreement, it's simply letting go of resistance.

7. Find someone to be accountable to. Often when we only answer to ourselves, we become lax. This usually leads to feelings of guilt, failure and other self-defeating thoughts. Having a coach/mentor is by far one of the most effective ways to stay on track and to get to things done quickly. Not only does having a coach/mentor bring accountability to the table, but they will help you remain focused, help you over the hurdles and develop a plan that works.

8. Be consistent in your thoughts and actions. There will inevitably be days when it will be a little tougher to get out of bed, a little tougher to remain focused and positive and a little tougher to keep moving, but they too shall pass. You cannot allow yourself to lose control because in doing so, you risk that behavior becoming a habit, which then becomes a lifestyle. Will you have bad days? Absolutely, but do your best to get through them. You may even need to take a few days off and rest, but no matter what, keep moving forward.

These are basic principles which I repeat often in my articles, books and to my clients. I repeat them not only for my readers, but for myself. These principles work. Life is an ongoing growing and learning process and developing the right mindset is the key to success - the only key to success. You may learn all there is to know about how to make it happen, however unless you develop the right mindset, your success will be temporary, if at all. We all have our own idea of what success is. For some it's a lot of money, for some it's freedom and for others it's the perfect balance of health, wealth and happiness. However you define success, if you follow the above principles and remain focused, you'll achieve it.

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Danielle Pierre is an entrepreneur, published author & certified life coach.

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