Do you have a problem with shy bladder or paruresis? Can you simply not go into a public bathroom and urinate or if someone is near you do you avoid going?

You can find a cure to this problem and we will give you some ideas that won't even cost money.

Hypnosis is something that will be able to have you and your shy bladder a thing of the past. There is an even a newer technique where you can learn a way to hold your breath and relax to increase the levels of carbon dioxide that are present in your body.

Yes it's a method of hypnosis and breathing that can be combined to help you overcome your shy bladder problems.

What if you're one of those people who want other ways to help cure shy bladder though? People who may not be able to afford the cost of hypnosis (although it's actually cheap - not much more than the cost of a fast food meal) or the time to learn the method correctly.

Try it along with a combination of these other ideas and give yourself a chance with the hypnosis idea. Because hypnosis has shown success with other problems you should definitely rule it in. Download an mp3 or take a class and learn how you can hypnotize yourself or read a book to learn how to do it.

Drinking less water as you're planning to head out on the town will hopefully mean you won't need to use the restroom as often. Of course it may not work every time that you head out but with less fluid intake you shouldn't need to use it as frequently.

You can't ignore the problem of shy bladder either. Because you probably want it to go away but it won't vanish without you trying to help out. You need to find a shy bladder cure and hypnosis could be the answer to your wishes.

However, you can also focus too much on a problem and have it become worse. As you head into a bathroom try not to think about your shy bladder (easier said than done, I know). Putting too much focus on it may have you making it worse.

In the same topic of discussion you may put too much attention on the problem as well. Stressing about your shy bladder may cause you more problems than you realize. Once you've reached the comfortable spot of not worrying about it as much and being able to hypnotize yourself you have your shy bladder cure.

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