Amazon holds your account when there is any violation of the seller policies. There must be a valid reason behind it. The possible reasons for holding your selling privilege could be opening new accounts, dealing in counterfeit items, getting too many returns, not able to provide products to the expectation of customers, getting negative feedback or violating any other policies etc. You have to face the consequences if anything like this happens to you. You don’t have to worry and without wasting time, try to resolve the issue. Remember that there is nothing short-cut to reinstate. Amazon has a strong system to find out what is going on and if you are found doing something beyond their policies, it will become almost impossible for you to come back.

Here is how you can reinstate your account which is on hold?

Understand the reason behind it: First of all, analyze the reason for holding your selling privilege. Most of the time people get confused with the wordings and cannot make out why their account is held from selling. Sellers used to make mistakes by taking wrong decisions to end up in ruining the situation and delay the processing. So be straightforward and follow the guidelines suggested by Amazon.
Create your plan of action: So, as you know why your account is held, proceed to resolve it. Design a unique plan of action, explaining the developments and corrections you have made to recover your business and put it in line with Amazon’s expectations. Be positive and explain all the issues raised by Amazon. Avoid emotional aspects and stick to the points. Along with the solutions, you should include the preventive measurements to avoid happening of such issues in the future. If required you may take help from the expert professionals to create an excellent plan of action. Remember that your plan of action will demonstrate your seriousness for your business and it must be able to convince the seller performance team for getting reinstated.
Prepare appeal letter: Next step is to write an appeal letter to Amazon. You can go through the templates available online or take help from well-trained professionals to prepare the same for you. Be professional while putting words on your appeal letter keeping in mind the reason for which your account is held. Do not deviate from the subject matter.
Apply for reinstatement: After completing your plan of action and appeal letter, you need to apply to Seller Performance team for reinstatement. Attach the letter from Amazon and all other supporting documents like your purchase invoice, certificates etc. along with the appeal letter.
You should wait for at least one week to get a reply from Amazon. There are many other cases with Amazon similar to your issues. That is why it may take some time to get an answer from them. Do not send multiple appeals as it will further delay the issue and complicate the situation.

Further, if you have any other issues or queries, then you may contact Vintek System, an expert in reinstatement processes. The team of experienced professionals will help you in getting back your selling privileges on Amazon.
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