We all have moments when we feel our kitchens are untidy. It is perfectly normal to have an untidy kitchen at some point. It could be for a weekend after overusing the kitchen, maybe because you had visitors. However, keeping an untidy kitchen every day isn’t something that should be happening.

So, do you have an untidy kitchen that you would like to work on? Luckily, we have identified some key areas that you might want to start on if you want to bring order to your untidy kitchen.

Deep clean your kitchen

The first thing that you must do is to clean your kitchen thoroughly. This first tip is preliminary because it will help you identify some of the things that you are using and some that you don’t. If you have bright cabinetry like green kitchen cabinets, dirt will be seen easily; however, dark cabinetry will hide some dirt.

When cleaning your kitchen, ensure you focus more on the hidden areas because most dirt is found there. Set a full day to do this and you will be impressed by the outcome. You should expect an organized and good-smelling kitchen at the end of the day.

Clear your cabinets

Did you know that most of the debris found in the kitchen is from items that you don’t use regularly? However, we often find value in things that we don’t use and keep in the kitchen for long.

Set a day for clearing your green kitchen cabinets, and removing all the items that you are not using regularly. Just keep the most important items and your kitchen space will be changed significantly.

Introduce fresh colors in the kitchen

How about changing the look of your untidy kitchen by adding fresh colors to the kitchen? This could be a great idea if you can afford new cabinetry. Imagine a kitchen with bright green kitchen cabinets. This could change the way your kitchen looks and improve its tidiness.

Schedule routine cleaning

To avoid keeping a dirty kitchen continuously, you should schedule routine cleaning sessions. Depending on the size and usage of your kitchen, it could be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or any other preferred schedule.


You don’t have to keep a dirty kitchen if you can use these simple tips to keep it clean. Remember, the kitchen is the heart of the home, thus, it should always remain clean.

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