In this forever dynamic world our busy lifestyles do not allow us to follow healthy norms always. By virtue of convenience, we end up feeding on ‘Fast Food’ style dining, sugar laden soft drinks and fruit juices with preservatives instead of water. For your information, chemically processed foods, dairy and meat products contain preservatives which are nearly harmful to the human body. For the informed readers searching on topics like ‘Weight Loss’ & ‘Weight Gain’, would be aware that these foods are also known as ‘Obesity Catalysts’. Generally, a misguided regime or following a diet which may not suit your body type will not satisfy your agenda of losing that extra weight. A common myth by the ‘new’ healthy conscious is to find out what not to eat? Instead one must learn and understand what must you eat to stay healthy, keep energized and not lose on important ingredients of the day like vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, carbohydrates, healthy fat, healthy cholesterol, etc.

As a result of high demand in the area, Three Graces is the only Weight Loss Center in West Delhi which caters to a modern lifestyle, economic packages & trained personnel which drive by the fact that it is more important to conduct good exercise regimes, eat healthy rather than overdo exercises & starve oneself. Though many other centers provide satisfactory tools and machines but fail in providing expertise and genuine health care methods to people who seek advice from proper weight loss centers in Delhi. The trainers understand the nutritional value of food items, the lack of time which people have in the busy schedules so the kind of programmes advised, exercise regime followed and the diet plan given to people is a comprehensive outlook of the personalization of the Weight Management Programmes.

This Spa in Rajouri garden treats weight issues holistically with the belief of ‘Don't just Diet Eat Right’, under the supervision and guidance of expert nutrition and weight loss experts with a experience in the weight management industry of over 10 years. This Spa aims at educating people to focus on nutrition-rich, plant based food, focusing on calorie balance, using a diet or over all pattern of food a person eats in his or her day to day life.

Unlike other weight loss center in West Delhi, cutting edge technologies blend with ancient wisdom is used to bring out healthier, safer and faster results than any other weight management program.An effective and curative amalgamation of a detoxification process, customized nutritional plans and active passive exercise technology makes weight loss and wellness goals an effortless journey and makes it better than any Weight loss treatment in Delhi.

This Spa is a home to globally acclaimed technologies and experts that give you proper guidance for weight related disorders. And each of their programmes begin with a thorough consultation and analysis of the body composition type, lifestyle, habits & time that one can give to oneself so as to provide needed and healthier results.

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