In order to narrow down the choices for ERP software to your manufacturing firm, it’s helpful to utilize planning and forethought to reduce vendor confusion amongst your numerous ERP solutions options. Due to the amount of effort and time firms spend on ERP discovery and product demonstration, efficient preparation is recommended to offer the most worth and cut back the blurring of vendors throughout your search. Carefully planning your Odoo ERP demo assures that your organization’s needs are met, your questions are answered and all requested info is obtainable to facilitate a well-educated ERP choice.

While it might appear overwhelming to sort through prospective ERP Service Providers, approaching the method with correct care helps make sure that you choose an ERP solution and/or vendor that's the perfect match for your enterprise. An improper fit can show to be pricey and time-consuming, requiring workarounds and customization to compensate for the ERP’s shortfalls. By systematically addressing the invention and demo phases, you’ll get the data wanted to compare and contrast ERP software solutions successfully to make one of the best decisions.

This is completed by maintaining in thoughts that whereas ERP software distributors can declare they excel in all areas, independently researching their claims is suggested. When correctly dealt with, the invention and ERP demo assist determine the solution that works greatest for your corporation, in addition, to establishing any gaps.

Helpful Tips to Get Started

As you start your ERP project, it’s vital to remember that the ERP software discovery and demo process is time-consuming. While time investment varies based on every firm’s needs, it’s suggested to speak with potential vendors relating to the timeframe that works greatest to permit for efficient evaluation of related features of the ERP system.

When scheduling, keep in mind your staff’s availability and the amount of time required by the vendor to successfully show the software. Consistent attendance by firm stakeholders is a should, requiring scheduling flexibility by department heads all through the demonstration. In addition, permitting ample time for follow-up questions, drill-down demos on particular features and review of pertinent information is also vital.

Due to the involvement of a number of distributors over an extended period, it's essential to maintain correct notes to make sure that key factors don’t get misplaced over time. Utilizing a measurable scoring methodology helps handle expectations and permits stakeholders to offer feedback relating to their ideas. Specific choice standards need to be shared with all firm evaluators and the ERP vendor properly – together with particular feature necessities, finances, platform and different criteria decided by the selection workforce. Remember, your organizational stakeholders and department heads would be the most proficient at evaluating which vendors are the perfect match for your company’s unique tradition, necessities and processes.

Keep in mind the significance of evaluating “apples to apples” as you analyze a number of vendors – ensuring that distributors’ software solutions are designed to suit the size and kind of your organization. In addition, work to make sure that the vendors narrowed down for an ERP demo understand your requirements and the value of building vendor-client relationships. Lastly, open dialogue ought to happen from the start to the end of the selection project to address all areas.

Key Best Practices

The following best practices will assist eliminate the confusion that may happen when reviewing multiple ERP Service Providers, permitting for more readability in making your remaining ERP selection.

1. Discovery Processes

As you start discovery, the method should address the reasons why your organization needs ERP and the advantages it could provide your organization. Are there key processes of your enterprise which are time-consuming or inefficient? Do you utilize manual strategies similar to whiteboards for scheduling or pen-and-paper inventory counts?

Members of the management group ought to conduct a cautious and important examination of every division’s needs, the challenges the company is experiencing and necessary features to enhance operations. These ought to be the inspiration that underlies your seek for an ERP solution that meets your organization’s necessities as a whole.

In order to objectively decide the differences between ERP vendors and make an informed decision, you will need a method to rank vendor capabilities and their potential influence on operations. A typical methodology for carrying out that is using an RFP (Request for Proposal) whereby your important needs are prioritized and scored in order to examine capabilities to other ERP solutions. While it isn't vital to use an RFP, its methodology can present distinct benefits.

Whether you utilize an RFP or opt to forgo one, figuring out your organization’s top 5 to 10 key enterprise needs and any necessities unique to your operation is crucial. These necessities ought to be clearly communicated to potential ERP vendors to ensure that every feature is correctly coated within the Odoo demo part. It is helpful to be transparent relating to different ERP software vendors being thought of, as this offers the chance to focus on the features that differentiate them from their opponents. Company stakeholders ought to keep an analysis scorecard all through the method to maintain ERP expectations in thoughts, document impressions and assess software performance.

Before an Odoo ERP demo occurs, an important part of the selection process is the onsite discovery go to which consists of an in-depth tour of your facility, conferences with key department stakeholders and the selection committee, and a review of the 5 to 10 essential needs for an ERP software solution. Caution ought to be taken if a potential vendor isn't within the discovery process or visiting your facility, as it's essential for speaking your unique manufacturing and working necessities in addition to fostering early relationships. The discovery visit offers the perfect methodology to communicate what your organization is searching for and what you expect of the vendor that you accomplice with, offering a method to discover the correct match to your firm.

2. Demo Prep

Ideally, narrowing the Odoo ERP  demo prospects to 3 ERP vendors helps get rid of vendor blur and retains you from overwhelming the ERP selection group. This quick listing ought to include distributors which have options inside your worth range, provide the features you're searching for, are designed for the dimensions and scope of your organization, and have scored extremely by your analysis technique.

Per request, present prospective vendors with an information sampling (e.g. BOM), recipes, manufacturing notes, and so forth.) to allow them to carry out personalised transactions throughout an interactive Odoo ERP demo. Communicate with the vendor (ERP Service Providers) beforehand to discuss specific factors you need to tackle, in addition to perceived performance gaps, so clarification could be integrated in your customized demonstration. Provide an inventory of questions prematurely of the scheduled demo as effectively, whereas on the same time reserving the best to ask questions through the presentation or at designated instances to make sure all areas are coated. It is important to take detailed notes through the software demonstration to successfully consider the variations amongst vendors without confusing every software’s performance and uniqueness.

3. Demo

As a critical part of the ERP selection process, a full Odoo ERP demo ought to take you through a day within the lifetime of your company, detailing order entry, buying, bill of material/method administration, manufacturing, quality management, accounting and different organizationally related features. This degree of element requires a time dedication, and your organization ought to put aside roughly eight hours to get an entire image of an ERP’s capabilities. This time frame could be one eight-hour day or damaged up into two four-hour days depending on what works greatest for your organization. Keep in mind that the format needs to be the same for every vendor to make the comparability simpler.

This detailed software demonstration offers your organization with the information needed to compare and contrast resolution options – focusing in your group’s requirements and expectations of a new ERP system. Handled correctly, every Odoo ERP service Providers will successfully demonstrate how their software will work to your operation, highlighting the strengths of their solution and their certified solution offerings.

4. Post-Demo Assessment

Following the Odoo ERP demo, the selection committee ought to meet to summarize the demonstration, decide takeaway factors and compile further questions that will have come up following the presentation. It could also be decided that part of the demonstration needs to be repeated for additional clarification – requiring further time to finish evaluation. After any vital secondary demonstrations are accomplished, the staff ought to review software program efficiency and performance indicated by scorecard rankings, in addition to your total perception of vendor capability. After all the materials are compiled, the ERP selection team ought to have the knowledge needed to make an informed buying decision to make the best selection for your firm’s unique tradition, necessities and processes.


In the search for an ERP software solution, confusion amongst vendors oftentimes happens because of the overwhelming quantity of information offered all through the process. By applying best practices of efficient planning, open communication and standardized scoring methodology within the discovery and product demonstration parts of the search, vendor blur could be minimized in making the perfect ERP selection decision for your business.

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