Some people are on the opinion that working in a warehouse is one of the least stressful jobs nowadays, sine all workers have to do all day is upload and download various items from trucks and store them on industrial shelves installed in that warehouse. While this is in part true, workers can get quite stressed during holiday seasons for instance, when there is great demand to get things done before the deadline. Running madly between industrial shelving units can seriously affect workers’ mental health, so here are some useful tips to help you make employees feel less stressed at workplace.

Hire more staff

During holiday seasons, things can be quite busy in a warehouse, since everyone is running chaotically to get their tasks done in due time. If you, as the warehouse owner, feel like your employees are overwhelmed with the work, do not sit still, but consider adding more staff instead. Even if the people you hire are there for the short-term only, they will definitely be of great help to your permanent employees and will make their work a lot easier.

Upgrade the workplace before the peak season

Working in an environment that is neither clean, nor safe is one of the most common causes of stress workers in every industry can experience. Ensure the workplace is improved every once in a while. In a warehouse, it is essential that the industrial shelving units company you work with is a professional and reliable one and provides you with top quality shelves and racks only. One very common stressor in a warehouse is shelving or racking unit that collapses under the weight of heavy objects that are inappropriate for the specific type of racks. This is the reason why you must not overload racks and choose specific types of shelving units for specific types of objects.

Opt for flexible scheduling

Since you are hiring more staff, you may want to consider adjusting the working schedule and offer every employee the possibility to work the exact amount of hours specified in the contract they initially signed and to be able to rest for enough hours. Allow them to establish their schedule according to both their needs and your company’s needs.

Discuss with your employees

No matter the changes you intend to make within the warehouse, whether it is related to the shelving units, to the schedule or to any other relevant aspect, it is best if you have discussions with your employees and ask for their opinions as well. Having a manager that is interested in providing employees with great working environment is definitely going to make the latter ones feel less stressed and more appreciated for the work they provide.

Establish priorities

Even though it is only a warehouse, there are million things to do, this is for sure, and they all need to be completed by a fixed date. It is important you take a break from everything and set your priorities in order. Once you do so, not only you will feel more relieved, but also your employees, as you can give them clear instructions on what they have to do and how they should do it.

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