How To Reduce Anxiety And Panic Attacks: I Keep Getting Panic Attacks

My panic attack feelings would make me dread going into work every day... I used to hate them. It was really strange but it only happened when I was walking into work. I would be fine all morning, but as soon as I walked through the front door the feelings of dread would overcome me.

I thought there was something seriously wrong with me... Was I sick? I was very confused... I wasn't stressed out... But I was still suffering from lightheadedness and heart palpitations. My panic attack feelings added to the dread I suffered from Every Day! I literally was scared to walk through the front doors of work because I didn't want to pass out and make a fool of myself.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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One day I came very close to passing out and I literally had to be helped to a seat. At this point I had enough. These little bouts of anxiety and panic had me at my wits end. I was fed up... I had just been to the doctor and he could not find anything wrong with me. He gave me a bunch of pills that I hated taking... I did not want to walk through life like a zombie.

I discovered that one of the easiest ways to fight the panic attack feeling was to simply embrace it. My body was in no physical danger, but my mind was programmed to actually send danger signals to my body. These signals triggered my natural fight or flight instincts, and I started to feel anxiety. Then I started to feel anxiety about my anxiety and all of my emotions snowballed until I could not control them anymore.

All that was happening to me was that I got the idea of walking into work and passing out stuck in my head... Eventually I concentrated on this feeling so much that all of my fears started to manifest into actual physical symptoms. My body and mind fell into predictable patterns that would cause anxiety and fear over and over again.

It was so strange at first but it did start to make sense... Every time I had one of my little panic attack feeling bouts, I was always in the same place. Once I learned what was triggering my panic attack feelings I was able to combat them using various exercises and other natural methods that involved no medication.

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A panic attack can be described as an immediate rush of overwhelming anxiety and fear. You may feel your heart pound, become short of breath, feel dizzy, or think you are going crazy. In trying to get help for panic attacks, it becomes important to look at possible causes that are generating these out of control feelings.

Generally, panic attacks occur without any warning or obvious reason. They can strike while you are taking a walk, driving, sitting at home, shopping in the store, or while asleep. The symptoms usually peak within 10 minutes and end within 20-30 minutes, seldom lasting more than an hour. The panic-inducing situation is one that causes you to feel in danger with no available escape.

To better understand how to treat a panic attack, the key is identifying the cause:

Possible Causes

1. inheritance and genetics may play a factor

2. significant life changes: marriage, getting a first job, having a baby, graduating from college

3. major stress: divorce, job loss, death of a loved one

4. history of being physically or sexually abused as a child

5. medical conditions: hyperthyroidism, hypoglycemia, mitral valve prolapse

6. use of cocaine, amphetamines, and/or caffeine

7. withdrawal from medication

8. zinc or magnesium deficiency

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People that suffer from panic attacks can have their quality of life seriously impacted in the following ways:

1. higher tendency towards alcohol or drug abuse

2. greater risk of suicide attempt

3. more time spent in hospital emergency rooms

4. fearful of driving more than a few miles from home

5. tendency towards being financially dependent on others

6. less time devoted towards sports, hobbies, and other interests

Help for panic attacks is available, and symptoms can be reduced or eliminated. Because there are so many possible causes, an important first step is to go to the doctor for a complete physical. If you discover that the attacks are being triggered from a physical condition, then they should stop after treating the physical cause. If the attacks are being caused by a particular anxiety or phobia, then you will need to attack the anxiety or phobia.

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There are many alternative therapies that can be used in stopping panic attacks. When people are faced with fear they experience anxiety. It's natural and instinctual. Many times anxiety is not a bad thing. Anxiety is a natural reaction that's helps a person adapt to and survive whatever situation that they are in. When anxiety gets out of control and it leads to unreasonable reactions is when panic disorders start.

One way to go about stopping panic attacks is to get your feelings out in the open. You can talk with your friends and family or you can find a support group. Finding someone to share your feelings with encourages you to talk and you can share you experiences, your failures and your growth. It really help you release the feeling that you have built up inside.

Another treatment that is effective in stopping panic attacks is meditation. You can practice meditation by focusing on one object or Mindfulness meditation to help relax you and to lower your chances of a panic attack. Meditation is good because it has no side effects and it has been proven to be effective.

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Object meditation helps in stopping panic attacks by helping you focus your mind on one object. When you are focused on one thing only your mind achieves a stillness and balance. When you are successful you feel very relaxed and stress and anxiety just seem to go away.

Mindful meditation concentrates on your thoughts and feelings to give you a sense of relaxation. Mindful mediation works on stopping panic attacks by teaching you to really concentrate on your thought and to give your body a sense of detachment. Doing so helps you to relax and take a look at the things that are causing your anxiety.

Relaxation and medication techniques are effective in stopping panic attacks if you stick with them. They help your mind and your body. Meditation and relaxation helps your anxiety, mood and feelings of distress. If you practice these alternative techniques you will notice your anxiety subsiding. When your anxiety stops you are on your way to getting rid of panic and anxiety forever.

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A better understanding of anxiety and panic disorders is essential if you're currently trying to overcome your problems related to these conditions. By getting inside them you'll get a better perspective of them and see solutions that you might otherwise have missed.

As an example of this, I'll reveal one of the discoveries I made about my own situation that I stumbled upon while I was trying to get "under the hood" of my problems.

As you probably already know, there are many forms of anxiety and panic disorders. Each of these is very different in the way it presents itself, and in the symptoms and problems it can cause in you, and therefore, each of them requires a different treatment approach.

So when we are told which one of these conditions we have, or when we think we discover this for ourselves, we usually shift all our attention and energy on treating that specific disorder.

But there's a problem with that, and this is what I discovered.

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There are actually some great tips and tricks people with certain anxiety and panic disorders have discovered, and if their condition doesn't match up with our own then me may never stumble upon it. We may have focused our attention so specifically on our own type of anxiety that we fail to make use of some of the methods others are using in their own cases.

Once I'd realised this I immediately widened my search for treatment options, and stopped restricting myself to just my "anxiety type."

And almost right away I was finding new ideas, new people, new forums, and new communities that I would never have come across if my focus had remained narrow.

So don't limit yourself to one approach - if you have agoraphobia, find out what's working for people with post-traumatic stress disorder. If you have health anxiety, find out what's working for people with social anxiety, and so on.

We can all learn a lot from each other, and from each others' anxiety and panic disorders, so get started today.

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