When it comes to our facial expressions, forehead plays an important role in every single expression. However, old age leads to unavoidable wrinkles and lines on our forehead that makes us look old. brow lift surgery is the best way to look younger and achieve your youth once again. There are two different types of surgeries including classic brow lift surgery and endoscopic brow lift surgery. Each of these surgeries offer exceptional results to the patient but their recovery may differ slightly.

First, you need to consult a qualified surgeon and the surgeon will tell you that whether you are a good candidate for brow lift or not. Make sure that you understand what to expect from your surgery and how much time it will take to recover properly. Knowing all this is the first step in the overall procedure and helps you in making an educated choice. Some of the side effects that you should be aware of are given below.

General discomfort
Tingling sensation

It is important to have proper aftercare when the brow lift surgery is completed and now we are going to discuss some important recovery tips for you.

It is best to wear bandages after the surgery.
Use many pillows to keep your head in elevated position.
Avoid taking shower or washing hairs before the bandages are removed.
Use ice packs for minimizing your swelling.
It is best to use the painkillers prescribed by your doctor.
Use the ointments provided by your doctor for your incisions
Avoid exercising or any kind of rigorous physical activities until two weeks after the surgery.

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