Drug abuse is one of the worst possible problems one can face in their life. For some, it is just a cause of fighting depression, anxiety, stress and other mental problems and for others, it is a source of entertainment or a way of experiencing new things in life. However, the fact cannot be stressed more that drug abuse is a major cause of serious health and mental problems.

On the other hand, it is an uncanny myth that using prescription drugs daily cannot lead to drug abuse. While this is a completely false statement, it is extremely important to realise that overdosing even prescription drugs or “medicines” is categorised under drug abuse (Source)

Categorizing Prescription Drugs as “Abuse

Prescription drugs are doctor prescribed, true. However, for some, these drugs can have a negative influence on their body and repeating the use can cause these symptoms to grow further. Not only can this but knowingly taking more of prescribed drugs just to feel better can also be categorized as drug abuse.

One of the commonly prescribed drugs is the painkiller, an overdose of painkillers can cause serious health and mental problems, sometimes even death and is a major source of drug abuse. Similarly, tranquilizers and sleeping pills fall under the same category. However, it is not just limited to these commonly prescribed drugs, other commonly available prescribed drugs are Opioids, Oxycodone, Codeine, Fentanyl, etc.

Symptoms of Prescription Drug Abuse

There can be a huge variety of symptoms depending on the type of drug intake. Every drug affects the body in its own way; however, some symptoms are common for every drug addict. Given below are a few problems faced in life by every drug addict.

• Commonly neglecting responsibilities and lack of motivation to do anything in life
• Using drugs under the riskiest and dangerous conditions to experience the thrill
• Generally experiencing legal trouble with the police like getting arrested frequently
• Going through problems in your relationship because of lack of interest, not understanding relationship needs, not socializing and unable to discuss problems openly

These points can be stated as general life problems but tend to increase highly during the stage of drug abuse. On the other hand, given below are the few warning signs that can possibly mean that your loved ones or someone close to you are going through drug abuse.

• Change in the size of pupils, larger or smaller
• Bloodshot eyes making them look very red
• A sudden change in appetite or sleeping patterns
• Suddenly losing weight or gaining a huge amount of it
• Bad personal grooming as a result of deterioration of physical appearance
• Bad breath and unusual smell from body and clothes
• Impaired coordination, slurred speech and tremors

If someone close to you is experiencing these symptoms then it is highly possible for them to be under the influence of drug abuse. Try talking to them openly about the problems they are currently going through and provide the moral support needed. Guide them to medication if necessary and help them realize that there is a better way to live.

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