One of the reasons why people go to work and build their own businesses is because they’re hoping someday they’ll realize their financial freedom. You can get a couple of steps closer to realizing your goal if you just sell high ticket coaching programs that have $5,000-$10,000 tag prices. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Know how to reach out to your potential clients. the first thing that you need to figure out is how to reach out to those people who will benefit from your offerings and who will be willing to spend as much $10,000 to know what you know. Identify these people and know their online behavior. Do they spend enormous hours on social media networks? What are their favorite websites and blogs? What keywords do they usually use on search engines? Getting to know the answers to these questions will help you easily find your target market in the online arena.

2. Boost your subscription rate. The next step to take is to get interested parties to visit your website so you can get them to subscribe to your newsletters. If there is one step that you should never skip, this would be it. You see, you need to make sure that you’ll be able to contact your potential buyers when you’re running promotions or when you simply want to build good business relationship with them. That will not happen if you don’t have their email address or phone numbers. How to boost your subscription rate? The answer to this is very simple; convince your prospects that you’re a good source of valuable and useful information. Then, promise to send them informative reports and newsletters every week. It will also help if you can promise them that you will not spam their inbox and if you do not share their contact information to other people.

3. Constant follow-up. Have you ever met a salesman who always shows up at your doorstep? Did you end up buying from him? You see, persuasion and patience pay big time in the field of selling. You must not get tired of talking to your prospects about your products and their benefits until such time that you can convince them that they really need your offering in either improving the quality of their lives or in reaching their goals.

4. Offer teleseminars and free sessions. Based on experience, you can easily get people to pay close attention to your marketing messages if you give out something for free. This is the reason why I suggest that you throw in free coaching sessions and teleseminars that are related to your coaching programs. Give your potential customers what they want – unique, useful information. Then, pitch in your paid offerings in the end. One secret to get these people to buy quickly is to leave them wanting for more.

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Sean Mize is an expert at using article marketing to drive highly targeted traffic to websites. He initially developed and mastered many of the advanced article marketing tactics that are currently being used by hundreds if not thousands of marketers today (he has personally taught several thousand clients his article marketing methods and techniques)

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